28 April 2022 | Our Work

View from the top: DPS Steering Committee update

I am pleased to share that the LCRIG Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has taken another step closer to being the go-to for Members to identify and purchase innovations that will significantly impact their budgets and asset quality. We have heard consistently from Members about challenges with procuring innovation, and since January, we have worked to bring together our industry.

Our inaugural meeting of the DPS Steering Committee was held a few weeks ago. I am delighted to say that the breadth of our industry is supporting LCRIG. We believe that this will enable the DPS to be the best solution nationally for our Supply Chain Partners and our Member Authorities to access cutting edge innovation. We are thankful for our Steering Committee Members. We will reconvene in Late May to focus on defining the most important products and services our Members need so we can launch the DPS late in 2022 with innovations that meet pressing needs.

Our next term task is to define the product and service categories in a way that makes sense for our Highways and Procurement colleagues. We have learned that how we describe our services and what we mean by our terms varies. We’d welcome any thoughts you have about how to develop our common language so that across the country we share a common understanding. This is another tremendous benefit of our Steering Committee representing the breadth of our highways sector as we have an opportunity to truly define the common ground.

Looking later into the year, our project team will address technology and best practice. The DPS is a digital solution, and we are adamant that it must be an intuitive experience for everyone. To our knowledge, there is not a DPS that has such breadth as ours, so our technology partner will likely need to make some modifications to fit our requirements. We are hopeful this can be done at pace. The LCRIG Team will be developing best practice guidance to help Members, and we will begin to see some thoughts around this at the Innovation Festival in July. If you have ideas, all suggestions would be gratefully received.

I look forward to talking about the DPS when I see you at LCRIG events in June and July. As with any significant project, it takes time to make all the decisions required for a successful delivery. I’m confident with our Steering Committee engaged that the DPS will be the tool we need to introduce the innovation required for our Members.