7 April 2021

View from the top: DfT support continues

For those of you that follow these updates and track the progress of LCRIG you will be aware that we are grateful for the backing we receive from the DfT in terms of active involvement in our management boards.

Their support often provides the team with a reminder of how far we have come in such a short time and gives confidence that the ambitions documented in our Business Plan will be realised. Today (Wednesday) could not have started any better. My emails greeted me with a communication from DfT confirming their ongoing commitment to support LCRIG across the whole range of our activities principally because they can see the benefit that LCRIG bring by providing all of its resources free to local government. I’m unable to find any better words that demonstrate the alignment of LCRIG with DfT objectives than those in the email this morning:

“The Department is sure that LCRIG can guarantee that all work carried out is done for the benefit of all local authorities within the country. By helping support councils to continue investing into LCRIG and initiatives that benefit the local road network, it is the DfT’s intention that it will help inform highway asset managers through effective communication, collaboration, and dissemination of best practice. This will in turn help provide authorities with knowledge of the available innovations and products that align with DfT objectives on improving transport for the user, decarbonisation, and effective asset management of local highway infrastructure.”

Over the coming weeks we will share our action plans with all of you so you can influence and continually help to shape the organisation.

Reacting to the news, LCRIG President Will Britain said: “The Department for Transport’s continued support is greatly appreciated. We will continue to work closely alongside them to ensure that our members voices are heard and that our range of activities best reflects the good work taking place across the sector.”