18 March 2021 | Collaboration

View from the top: Collaboration must be part of DNA

A core principle of LCRIG is collaboration. It is deep rooted in our business plan and evident in all of our objectives. Our President, Will, has been pressing the team to demonstrate that collaboration is core to everything we do – in our DNA so to speak.

It is not uncommon to find public sector clients insisting that the private sector must demonstrate their collaborative credentials before allowing them to tender for opportunities. Collaboration is not a one way street and collaborative behaviours are equally important across all our organisations, both public and private.

We have therefore decided that LCRIG should demonstrate real leadership by becoming independently certified to ISO44001 which will offer significant benefits to our members. Local highway authority members who participate in LCRIG activities will meet the requirement of Self-Assessment in relation to collaboration and other members such as utility companies will be able to claim that they formally meet the requirements of ISO44001 when collaborating with LCRIG.

Progress has already been made on this initiative so we should be in a position of sharing the certification programme in the next few weeks.

I’ve also been holding a series of interesting discussions with one of our private sector members who are interested in LCRIG providing market intelligence reports that will allow them to make better decisions about targeting future business opportunities with local highway authorities. This may well be a service that many of our private sector members are interested in, if so, let me know.

Finally, I should let you know that we have reconfigured the main board and this will meet on the 23rd April. I’ll have much to share with you following this meeting, so watch this space.