7th January 2021

View from the top: Business as usual

I’m sure this is not quite the start for 2021 that we were all hoping for as the grip of Covid-19 tightens and the implications of society being in lockdown once again are still not fully known.

Despite these almost impossible conditions local government business goes on because it has to. In order for this to happen we rely extensively on our supply chains as well as staff directly employed by the public sector so I hope we are all doing our bit by thanking these people for keeping our roads open and safe.

It would be wrong of me not to ask everyone to play their part in minimising transmission whilst looking out for their colleagues and friends who may be struggling with the mental difficulties of dealing with this latest set of circumstances.

I will finish where I started – business continues because of the dedicated people we are lucky enough to have in the highways sector and I’m sure things will look much more positive by March.