View from the top: Building back better

My dilemma is where to start with my update this week as it seems so much has happened.

A number of things are worthy of mention many as a result of Covid-19. We are trying to understand the impacts of the Comprehensive Spending Review being adjusted to ensure that we focus on three main activities during 2021/22 to ease us out of the economic trend over this past nine months or so.

Understandably the ‘normal’ five year CSR is now just a one year plan with funding being committed to supporting employment, support to continue to fight the effects of the virus and investment in infrastructure as part of the ‘Build Back Better’ campaign. I guess we have ticked two of these boxes with the appointment of a number of SMEs to a small pavements framework that is available to all members and I would urge you all to consider its use.

I’m delighted to say that even though Alcatel only ended earlier this week a number of councils have already started to explore how they might use it, indeed a few authorities are looking to utilise the contract documentation we used for this procurement to go out and procure an identical framework within their own region, saving a small fortune on the procurement activity itself. Will, our president, would be delighted to talk to any one of you in more detail about this so please email him at

Whilst this is all very positive, I should end on the highest note possible – a potential vaccine. This is such fantastic news for humanity, but lets keep our guard up for now. Don’t let any of your established ways of keeping ‘Covid-19 free’ start to slip as we need to remain vigilant and do our bit to keep friends, family and work colleagues safe.