16th December 2020

View from the top: A sense of pride

I’ve been in post for seven months now as the CEO and enjoyed every minute of it. Even looking back over such a short period I’m delighted with the level of progress we have made. Of course you always think you could have done a little more but as a team I really believe we have excelled. During this short period of time we have created a Community Interest Company, established a process for Peer Reviews, launched Project Amber, introduced a series of successful webinars with CCS and DfT, developed a set of governance protocols, and, I could go on.

Most of all I have a growing sense of pride that others believe LCRIG is the ‘go to’ organisation demonstrated by new members (public and private sector) joining almost on a weekly basis and this of course creates its own challenges.

So what for the year ahead?

We want to continue to develop our already strong relationships with DfT, CCS and the Transport Technology Forum by remaining focused on bringing the sector together for the benefit of the entire membership. We aim to develop the organisation to a point where LCRIG becomes a dynamic platform for sharing best practice and the latest innovations and is extensively used by every local highway authority. In doing so we will act as a repository for key highway data that will benefit local government, suppliers and DfT alike by sharing information that will make all our jobs easier. Whether that’s access to frameworks and contracts or being able to see asset condition data at a national level.

Outline plans are already in place to achieve this during the course of next year so expect to hear much more on this.

I’d like to sign off by wishing every one of you a safe and restful break over the Christmas period and look forward to re-engaging early in the New Year