20 May 2021 | Innovation | Collaboration | Net Zero

View from the top: a national DPS

I have been involved in a number of meetings this week concerning the development of a national Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for products and materials that the public sector buy on a regular basis, such as street lighting components, specialist materials, VRS, testing and surveys support, street furniture, etc.

We are intent on developing the model in the next few months and want to make sure that the DPS covers items that our members would like to access via such a national DPS.

The initial intention is to run the DPS for six years and throughout this term providers can come and go and as dynamics change new categories will be added which will ensure the DPS is always fresh and therefore keeps pace with innovation. It is these attributes that make the DPS stand out over a traditional framework, which once let, locks other potential providers out of that market for a four year term.

We have obtained support from the DfT to progress this procurement and we will look to develop this initiative with Salford City Council and others.

The design of the DPS will be simple and effective, leading clients through to a supply base for a product, service or material by ‘checking’ the boxes; Highways Maintenance/South East/Street Furniture/Bollards. This will present all the suppliers who provide bollards in the South East that the client can then seek competitive prices from. We believe it will ease the route to market for suppliers, speed up procurement, and deliver best value solutions to the tax payer – me and you!

I would like to hear from our members about what you would like to see included in a DPS that will help you to access such suppliers and make your day job just that little bit easier. Please contact me at [email protected]