View from the top: A digital revolution

As you will know one of the pillars of LCRIG is innovation and how we can create routes to market for those who have developed new products and services that will positively impact the highways sector.

Earlier this week I participated in one of our own webinars that featured such an innovation. Along with Isabel Dedring of Arup and Matt Coleman of DfT we explored the benefits that a digital revolution could bring.

Fitzpatrick Advisory shared a tool known as ‘Dasha’ which could potentially change our approach to asset management for good. In simple terms I like to think of Dasha as an ‘Alexa’ type product – but purely focused on highways 😊.

Fitzpatrick Advisory confirmed that within a matter of weeks the Dasha system could be fully operational and deal with every possible scenario such as… ‘Alexa (Dasha), what are the works being carried out at the junction of Morris Lane with Bath Road?’……. ‘The works being carried out at the junction of Morris Lane and Bath Road are programmed to last for six days having commenced on the 21st April 2021. The works are part of the planned programme of safety improvements that are scheduled to be delivered in 2021. For further information please contact Martin Britain at Something Council on 01325 323332 or alternatively you can email Martin on’. I don’t know about you, but I would be a heavy user of such a service.

They have offered to run complete trials in one or more local authorities at no cost to the council, so get in quick to be part of the vanguard. Either contact at LCRIG or Brian Fitzpatrick directly on