8 October 2020

View from the top

LCRIG chief executive Martin Duffy reflects on the recent webinar held in conjunction with Transport Technology Forum and Crown Commercial Service.


I’m delighted with the success of the webinar we held last week in collaboration with the Transport Technology Forum and Crown Commercial Service.

On the day the panel discussed the concept of delivering innovation through procurement which raised numerous questions from the audience and the feedback on the event has subsequently been excellent.

As a result of this success we have already started planning the next webinar based on a closing poll which showed very high levels of interest in a number of topics. In planning these webinars we need to challenge ourselves to ensure they remain 100 per cent relevant to our members by helping them to do the day job better. In doing this the private sector participants will gain a better understanding of how they can help local highway authorities to meet their objectives. Alec Peachey is leading on this for us so will keep everyone up to date as our thinking evolves.

On another matter we have been planning our involvement with the Highways UK live event by participating in the “Big Thinking” panel on the first day of the main programme and then in the Local Authorities Hub later in the five day programme. We are really pleased to participate in this event and offer up an LCRIG perspective.

Should any of our members (public and private sector) have any questions or views I’m always delighted to hear from you.