12th October 2020 | Innovation | Collaboration

Video: Listen to LCRIG’s views on productivity and the economy

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) was recently asked to take part in Meon’s Build Back Better event and a video interview with president Will Britain and chief executive Martin Duffy is now available to watch on demand. 

Will and Martin were asked to talk about productivity and the economy. They touched upon several topic areas including the impact that better maintained highways have on the local economy and local communities drawing extensively from personal experience and work undertaken by LCRIG Council members and their supply chain. The discussion was led by LCRIG content director Alec Peachey.  

You can watch the video below (scroll to 21:50 for the start of LCRIG interview): 



The free to ‘attend’ e-conference took place last month and provided clients, contractors, asset owners and managers with an insight into how the sector can deliver the response to the challenges laid down by the government’s investment in the UK’s highways network. 

To catch up on further content from the event visit https://meonuk.com/pages/build-back-better-e-conference