9 September 2021 | Innovation | BY: Instarmac Group plc

UltraCrete launches innovative installation aid

Market-leading highway maintenance manufacturer, UltraCrete, are delighted to announce the launch of Mortar Buoy® – the next generation, innovative, ironwork installation aid.

Mortar Buoy® is an inflatable device that acts as a dam, allowing for a flowable mortar ironwork installation within seconds – revolutionising traditional methods.

The Mortar Buoy® inflatable dam prevents any mortar seeping into the access chamber providing an efficient and seamless finish to the bedding around the chamber. This allows a single pour installation of Envirobed® CD534 Flowable, which encapsulates the flange of the access frame creating a solid bed and backfill in one.

UltraCrete Mortar Buoy® is so easy to use, simply hold in place and inflate, and is guaranteed to save you time on-site as there is no waiting around for the dam to dry. Mortar Buoy® can be wiped clean and re-used on a number of installations and is available in 5 sizes to accommodate all ironwork and gully reinstatements.

To see Mortar Buoy® in action, please visit https://www.instarmac.co.uk/support/videos/

Enhance your specification and upgrade your reinstatement with UltraCrete Mortar Buoy®. For more information on this innovative installation aid, or to book a free demonstration of Mortar Buoy®, please contact UltraCrete by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing [email protected].

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