TTF Local Authority Data Digest

Each week our friends at the Transport Technology Forum publishes summary of data gathered from a range of local authorities across the country, providing an overview of how public behaviour is changing as a result of Coronavirus restrictions being eased.  This helps in understanding whether travel habits are returning to normal or what new patterns are being experienced. Local Authorities can benefit by being able to compare what is happening in their areas with the national picture, allowing local and national comparisons to be drawn.

This week’s data suggests traffic volumes continue to climb slowly back towards pre-Covid-19 levels across towns and cities in England.  Figures suggest traffic is now less than 12 per cent below the baseline in February, with last Monday seeing a seven percent increase in traffic levels compared to the week before.

This, analysts think, could be because of summer holiday journeys as morning peak levels are still not back to pre-lockdown levels.

The good weather means cycling volumes continue to increase week-to-week on both weekdays and weekends, but levels are still much lower than they were in peak lockdown in May.

The report also highlights news from local authorities including a new app to help people safely use public transport in London, a cross-border scheme to reduce traffic in two London boroughs, more enforcement of bus lanes to encourage a return to public transport use, investment in technology and transport solutions and more walking and cycling support.

Please click here to see this week’s update: where there are also the previous reports for comparison.

Published 12/08/2020