22 July 2020

TTF Local Authority Data Digest

Each week our friends at the Transport Technology Forum publishes summary of data gathered from a range of local authorities across the country, providing an overview of how public behaviour is changing as a result of Coronavirus restrictions being eased.  This helps in understanding whether travel habits are returning to normal or what new patterns are being experienced. Local Authorities can benefit by being able to compare what is happening in their areas with the national picture, allowing local and national comparisons to be drawn.

The latest TTF weekly digest report suggests that, although traffic levels are slowly rising, we are still not back to 21st century amounts.

Analysis of data from a range of local authorities across England suggests traffic is around 87 per cent of its pre-lockdown amount, which is equivalent to volumes last seen in the mid 1990s.

At the moment, though, there is still no morning peak, but there are traffic volumes growing in the middle of the day and what used to be seen as the “afternoon peak.”

Cycling levels continue to rise slowly with the week commencing 13th July experienced an overall increase in average cycling volumes of 24 percentage points in comparison to the previous week.  However they are still nowhere near their levels in May.

This week we highlight the TTF State of the Connected Nation report which looks at a range of connected solutions being implemented by local authorities, plus work that is getting underway to support sustainable transport solutions and promote active travel, a survey aimed at gaining public opinion and support and plans putting transport at the heart of town centre regeneration.

Please click here to see this week’s update: https://www.ttf.uk.net/covid-19-local-authority-travel-and-transport-data/ where there are also the previous reports for comparison.

Please also note the forthcoming TTF virtual forum on the 31st July, in this webinar we’ll cover the recent and future work by the TTF and its partners, followed by a Q&A session. The sessions will be chaired by our steering panel including Steve Gooding and Anthony Ferguson from DfT. Registration is open to the TTF community via the Eventbrite link below.

The forum topics include; Our reports on the State of the Connected Nation (see more below) and SCOOVA, the Covid-19 Local Authority data project and updates on the Procurement and Cyber Security advice workstreams.

Sign up here: https://ttf.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e7b50453b88bcadf13af99c5d&id=d242519ef2&e=cb505a89b7

If you have any requests for datasets you feel will be beneficial to you that we may be able to offer, please email the report authors at info@ttf.uk.com.  Please also use this address to share any press releases or social media links to best practice examples you have in your authority.

Published 22/07/2020