3 August 2021 | Collaboration

TTF Bus Back Better event available to watch

Watch the Transport Technology Forum’s (TTF) Poolside Chat – an hour’s informal discussion about the Government’s new Bus Back Better report, and how technology can help local authorities deliver it.

Panellists are:

– Steve Gooding, Director, RAC Foundation

– Meera Nayyar, Head of Passenger Experience, Department for Transport

– Claire Walters, CEO, Bus Users UK

– Andy Graham, Managing Director, White Willow Consulting

This video shows how ITS technology plays a major part in delivering better bus services for the future and considers the wider uses of data.

Panellists outline how emerging Intelligent Transport Systems technology help everyone deliver the Bus Back Better vision – how data and technology can support local authorities with their decision making and how bus data can be used for wider information about traffic in towns. You will also hear what the bus user wants, and why traditional ticketing and service delivery is still necessary.

Watch the video below: