24 November 2021 | Our Work

Transforming Road Markings webinar now available to watch on demand

The latest LCRIG-led webinar, Transforming Road Markings is now available to watch on demand.

Local authorities were given the opportunity to find out more about a project that has been carried out by National Highways to evaluate various road marking products, systems and processes for removal of permanent and temporary road markings.

How these principles can be applied to local roads formed part of an update from the government-owned company who are charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A-roads.

In early 2019, National Highways launched a global competition to identify the best performing road markings and the most effective yet least destructive road marking removal systems. Of the 34 road markings entered, laboratory testing to 2 million wheel hits (used as a proxy for two years on road usage) allowed National Highways to identify the top performers for skid resistance and performance in the dry and wet.

The best seven products were then applied to the M5 northbound between junctions 20 and 18 for the two years on-road testing, and to allow a correlation with the laboratory results.

National Highways also tested five removal systems on each of the markings with promising results.

The webinar was delivered by the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG), and featured representatives from National Highways and others involved in the project, discussing the following topic areas:

– Findings of the project
– How performance of road markings can be increased
– Innovation in road markings
– Applying the findings to local roads

The panel was be made up of the following participants:

– Martin Bolt, Head of Lean and Continuous Improvement, National Highways
– Keith Dawson, Non-Executive Director, Highway Resource Solutions