23rd July 2020

The TS2300 Zebra Crossing Beacon improves safety on zebra crossings whilst also reducing maintenance and power consumption costs.

We would like introduce LCRIG members to our new mains powered TS2300 “Halo” zebra crossing beacon which consumes at least 30% less electricity than any other beacon (including LED beacons) whilst significantly improving the visibility and safety of the crossing. The TS2300 is perfect for upgrading existing crossings and new crossings. As an added bonus the power savings it offers makes it eligible for government SALIX 0% interest funding.

The TS2300 is a BS8442 -2015 (highway) certified “Halo” Belisha Beacon was developed following an observation of existing “halo” zebra crossing beacons e.g Zebrite . We noticed that the beacons do not have automatic flash synchronisation with the opposite beacon(s) or with other crossings on the same road. Also, at night the LED halo beacons can appear very bright, with glare that can be a distraction to motorists and other highway users. The combination of these issues could be distracting to motorists particularly at night and in wet weather conditions. Using our patented technology, we have overcome both issues in the TS2300 and included many other features whilst also remaining very competitively priced.

The advanced features of our TS2300 High Visibility Belisha Beacon would offer improved safety on a Zebra crossing at less than 10% of a signal-controlled crossing and a fraction of the installation costs and disruption of traffic.

It is simple to upgrade existing zebra crossing beacons. Just remove the existing head and replace with the TS2300, connect power, switch on and our patented wireless communication system between beacons will automatically synchronise the flashing of the beacons. This  stunning effect which further improves visibility when there are a number crossings along the same road.

The TS2300 High Visibility Belisha Beacon is made of robust polyethylene and the globe is UV stabilised amber polyethylene to retain its colour and look good for years to come. This is a particular advantage in coastal areas  as the beacon will not incur corrosion due to the high salt content atmosphere.

Other features include:

  • Automatic wireless flash synchronisation (Patent No: GB2549455) that synchronises the flash pattern of up to 100 beacons. If there are several crossings on a straight road the effect is stunning. Engineer visits to reset synchronisation are not required with the TS2300 hence providing even more savings. See: https://ticknallsolar.com/high-visibility-beacon/
  • A sequential flash mode option (Patent No: GB2567557) – which allows the globe and LED clusters to flash alternately, increasing visibility.  See link to video clips above
  • Ambient light sensor control (Patent No: GB2519445 which regulates 20 separate power levels of illumination both day and night and eliminates the glare effect, particularly at night and in wet conditions that motorists suffer from other high visibility beacons.
  • For improved safety the TS2300 operates on 12v dc. A stabilised mains to 12v LED driver is included in the kit.
  • Smart City – IoT ready enabling the beacons to be monitored remotely and additional smart – IoT devices to be interfaced with the beacon.
  • The TS2300 has a 5-year warranty and is manufactured by an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.  Independently tested and conforms with BS8442-2015, EMC test BS EN5032-2015, IP54 and CE certified. (test reports available on request)
  • Elegant pole mounting arm and shroud options available.
  • Costing only £995 each, it is a fraction of the cost of installing Pelican and Puffin crossings and up to £1,600 per crossing cheaper than other halo belisha beacons which have no smart features and consume at least 30% more power.
  • Power consumption: only 6.5 watts/hour, 30% less than other LED beacons  Elexon Code – 7950015000100


Comparison Cost Chart Energy Cost Over 10 Years Elexon Code
6.5W Ticknall Solar Ltd – High Visibility LED Belisha Beacon (Dimmed) £79.71 7950015000100
37W Generic 60W Tungsten Lamp £453.77 7916060000100
62W Generic 100W Tungsten Lamp £760.36 7916100000100


*Electricity costs based on a present cost of 14 pence per Kw over a 10 year period.  However, inflation is not considered within these comparisons and inflation is currently increasing at least 12.5% p.a.  Hence the difference in the cost savings of the TS2300 will only increase, the TS2300 overs over 80% energy saving for Tungsten replacement and over 30% energy savings over other leading LED Belisha Beacon systems.

Dave Franks, retired Head of Lighting at Westminster Council, has created a cost analysis program comparing the savings offered against tungsten and other LED Belisha beacons.  I can send you the program if you are interested?

I recently met Ed Clark of the government funded SALIX Finance (https://www.salixfinance.co.uk/knowledge-share) and he advised that the energy savings alone would make the TS2300 beacon would be eligible for SALIX 0% interest funding. Please find copy attached.

We have TS2300 beacons in stock and if you have any queries or would like a quote or demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us –

info@ticknallsolar.com | 01283 200765/ 07976 401845 | www.ticknallsolar.com

Published 23/07/2020