13 January 2022 | Innovation | Collaboration | Our Work

The RAMS framework website is now live

Following Blackpool Council’s appointment of Gaist as roads data and intelligence provider on the Road Asset Management Strategy (RAMS) framework, the RAMS framework website has now launched.  The website has been created to provide local authorities across the UK with easy access to information on the framework and how to engage with it.

The RAMS framework enables councils to manage their high assets more effectively by making the right investment decisions at the right time to proactively maintain local highway networks and prevent the need for costly reconstruction. The framework was established by Blackpool Council and will run to 2025, providing a route for local authorities across the country to access services and future innovations from Gaist and helping them to better manage and maintain their vital infrastructure. Future innovations and data services include dynamic data and holistic service offerings.

Gaist are responsible for both data collection, deterioration mapping, life-cycle modelling and professional services on the framework to help Blackpool and other authorities to understand the medium to long term deterioration of their highways networks and model the implications of any given investment/maintenance regime.

Steve Birdsall, Founder and CEO of Gaist, commented on the website launch: “We are proud to be the preferred supplier providing a range of asset management related data services via the RAMS framework, developed by Blackpool Council. The new RAMS website provides a remarkably easy and quick way to find out about the services offered and engage with the framework, and is the perfect interface for local highways authorities to realise the full value and cost effectiveness of our solutions that are transforming our client’s understanding of their networks.

“The specification of RAMS was designed to deliver councils with a step change in accuracy, precision, detail and value for money than is possible from legacy surveys etc, which I am proud to say has been our hallmark for years.

“Many councils have already used the framework and are highly delighted by the outcomes that have been achieved. I am very proud that we will be delivering through RAMS, new and exciting technological developments that will reshape our understanding of roads for years to come.”

Will Britain, Head of Highways and Traffic Management Services at Blackpool Council, added: “We are proud to announce the launch of the new RAMS framework website. The site provides step by step instructions to guide local authorities on how to access and engage with the framework and to secure the expertise and knowledge of specialist providers Gaist, providing them with the most accurate data services and modelling capabilities available and enabling them to build strong business cases to attract further funding.”

Tightened budgets and the pressures of the pandemic mean the need for innovation in local authority service delivery has never been greater. The RAMS framework will bring a new wave of intelligence to councils across the UK.

For more information, please visit the new RAMS framework website here.