24 May 2021 | Innovation | Collaboration | Net Zero | BY: MULTEVO

The Multevo Method – Revolutionising the way we repair our roads

Multevo provide a nationwide highways maintenance service to local authorities and tier 1 contractors, leading on best practice principles and a ‘fix first time’ approach in order to increase the longevity of the network by preventing further deterioration.


Their bespoke offering utilises the Multihog to permanently repair different sizes of defects, potholes and patches ranging from around 5m² to 150m² in the same visit at the same time for the same cost-effective square meter rate.

For this rate, Multevo aims to guarantee to deliver 80m² of permanent reinstatement per day as a minimum which in most cases delivers an increase in repairs for better value for customers.

Image: An example of one of Multevo’s patching teams’ outputs over the last 3 months from the Multevo App demonstrating 75% of the time productivity was in excess of 80m² per day.

All Multevo’s highways heroes utilise the Multevo App, which was developed by the SME, to ensure COVID-19-compliance, site safety and repair quality as well as tracking productivity in real time which is fed back into customer asset management systems automatically to add value.

This unique approach benefits local authorities by bringing the network up to strong standard by preventing further deterioration of the asset without having to carry out a complete carriageway resurface allowing for future surface dressing for example.

A large part of the success of Multevo’s highways service delivery is as a result of the Multihog’s proven performance as a productive road legal road planer and all-round multi tool on site.

The road legal tractor swiftly became the chosen tool carrier for pothole repairs when it launched 10 years ago due to its operational and safety advantages. The compact size of the machine combined with its power allows Multevo to provide an all-round solution to fixing potholes in narrow spaces such as cycleways and footways in addition to carriageway works.

Multevo also sell and hire Multihogs across the UK and many local authorities have demonstrated this in their own self-delivery achievements over the years:

St Helen’s Council

  • Saved £2,400 per week in reduced TM and more efficient repairs
  • Eradicated the use of jack hammers (and HAVS)

Nottingham City Council

  • Reduced cost of pothole repairs by 30%
  • Were able to do more work for the same budget

Derby City Council

  • Increased productivity by 250% (equates to an extra 45,724.01m² repairs per year)
  • Went from 50 sqm per day using a backhoe planer to 175sqm a day using the Multihog
  • 365 service – with planer, sweeper, flood water pump, cycleway winter maintenance kit

Multevo have successfully provided machines to around 40% of local authorities in the UK and deliver works on behalf of most tier one contractors such as Balfour Beatty, Ringway and Amey where they have supported the Staffordshire contract for over 5 years.

Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing & Growth said:  “We have found that the Multevo method is enabling our customers to more efficiently repair their assets without requiring full carriageway resurfacing. This means more of the network is improved for less which is crucial in allowing funding to go further.”

For further information or to discuss trial opportunities contact Multevo on 01254 703 212 or [email protected]