11 October 2021 | Innovation | BY: Geveko Markings

The first colourful crossings in Scotland

Three eye-catching new pedestrian crossings in DecoMark™ have been installed in Dumbarton, Scotland, as part of a project to encourage active travel.

The first of their kind to be introduced in Scotland, the three crossings were installed as part of a project run by the charity organisation, Sunstrans in collaboration with the West Dumbartonshire Council. The crossings have been installed at Dumbarton Central railway station, Dumbarton Academy and Dalreoch Primary School and are just one measure in the ongoing project ‘Spaces for people’ which aims to encourage active travel for residents and visitors by creating a safer environment.

The crossings were designed by Glasgow based architects New Practice, who were also responsible for identifying the locations that would benefit from measures to make active travel more accessible. In addition to the crossings, these measures included bicycle parking areas and cycle repair stations and aa fourth crossing to be installed on Bankend Road.

The crossings were required to make previously poorly marked crossing points more visible to all road users and introduce colour and creativity to the public spaces. For this type of project, our preformed thermoplastic material DecoMark is ideal. It is a preformed thermoplastic that can be cut to any shape or design and is available in a wide range of colours. With DecoMark you get a simple and creative solution for optimising dull surfaces and it can also be used in playgrounds, sport venues and business premise applications.

“This is such a fun addition to the locations, and they have been such a talking point since being installed, which is great for encouraging our residents and visitors to leave the car behind when moving around West Dunbartonshire”, says Councillor Diane Docherty, WDC’s vice convener of infrastructure, regeneration and economic development, and adds: “The colourful designs at the crossing mean it is safer for people who are walking, wheeling and cycling in the area and will be especially beneficial to young people who are learning to cross the road too”. [1]

We are proud to see that our materials are used for projects that are both pleasing to the eye and at the same time helps increase safety on the roads.

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