Tac-Grid Trial Request

Connor Specialist Paving Ltd. are looking for potential trial sites and onward council collaboration to assist with onwards development of the new intelligent Tac-Grid™ system.

The standard Tac-Grid™ offering is a relatively new concept in the method and materials used to apply/place tactile areas to footpaths etc.

Conner Specialist Paving Ltd. with over 20 years’ experience in wet lay resin and having designed and developed the Tac-Grid™ lattice, have worked closely with trusted UK based MMA resin suppliers to perfect the application.

More recently a collaboration with Live Beacon Ltd. has enabled Tac-Grid™ to be supplied with the intelligent option of beacons placed under the surface during application. These beacons will, via a smart phone app provide the pedestrian with information, such as the type of crossing being approached i.e. controlled or un-controlled etc.

Initially the concept was designed with the VI community in mind, however can be developed further to offer safest route and way finder capabilities etc.

Further to the benefits experienced by the public, it is hoped that councils can obtain information which will assist further and providing data and aiding with informed decisions surrounding a resilient network by providing usage information on otherwise uncontrolled areas of the network.

Standard Tac-Grid™ benefits at a glance: –

  • Year guarantee*
  • Laid continuously (wet lay), directly onto the existing surface and follows the natural undulations of the surface.
  • No jointing or cutting required
  • No onward subsidence or cracking
  • No trip hazards.
  • No excavation required**
  • No requirement for plant and machinery**
  • Conventional crossing laid and brought back into operation within one hour
  • Minimal disruption to the public
  • Suits new installations, or repair/upgrade of existing crossing areas etc.

*Terms and Conditions apply
**Site dependant

Further positives are to be gained from using Tac-Grid™ with regard to Health and safety, and manual handling etc.

In short Tac-Grid™ is less expensive to place on the footways than conventional methods with regard to initial install and overall whole life cost.

For further information, please visit our website www.connorspecialistpaving.com.

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