20 August 2020 | Environment | BY: Medway Council

Street Lighting LED Conversion Scheme

There are over 26,000 streetlights in Medway. Currently only several thousand of them are LED (light emitting diode).

The Council are embarking on an exciting and hugely significant £9.4m Capital Programme for the LED Street Lighting and Column Replacement Programme. This will to be funded by prudential borrowing and met from the projected energy savings. The Programme was presented to Council Members in April and was approved.

The Programme is split into three elements:

  1. the replacement of approximately 22,000 lanterns to LED,
  2. a subset of essential column replacements, and
  3. the implementation of a Central Management System (CMS) for dimming and trimming light levels and Smart City future proofing and integration.

All costs of the project, except the cost of the columns, are based on a 20 year payback. The columns have a 50 year design life and their payback is based on this. The savings in energy costs, which will service the loan, are based on the predicted life of the lanterns. The Council are looking at a total of Carbon saved of over 28,000 tons and over £20m worth of energy avoided cost.