30 November 2021 | Innovation | Collaboration

Still time to register for TTF’s next Fireside Chat

There’s still time to register for the Transport Technology Forum’s (TTF) next Fireside Chat which will feature the launch of the Department for Transport’s new ITS Evaluation Guidance.

It has been produced to provide local authorities with clear guidance for evaluating Intelligent Transport Schemes, as a key aspect of the future transport agenda.

Evaluation is crucial to providing accountability, understanding impact, and learning about what works/does not work and for unlocking future funds.

The event which is taking place next Monday (6 December) at 4pm will see the guidance summarised by Grace Hothersall of the DfT’s Evaluation Centre of Excellence. She will also be joined by Jonathan Mann of Capita talking about equivalent guidance for the strategic road network they are producing for the DfT.

Most local authorities, along with the Cabinet Office and Treasury for larger schemes, are placing an increased emphasis on need for evaluation, this is a must-attend event for local authorities looking to procure more ITS solutions. The Intelligent Transport Systems: Detailed Evaluation Guidance toolkit is a complimentary suite of documents that sits alongside the DfT’s high-level guidance document ‘Intelligent Transport Systems Evaluation Guidance’. The toolkit contains a set of four annexes that are focused on the ‘how to’ aspects of each aspect of evaluation.

The aim is to provide evaluation managers a practical set of guidance on how to conduct specific aspects of evaluating schemes with worked examples, templates and supporting reference material based on some commonly known services / use cases. This presentation will take you through each of the four stages and explain the importance of each to producing a successful evaluation, enabling different scheme evaluation results to be more easily collated and compared, to ultimately produce stronger business cases and share learning across the UK’s Transport Technology Forum community.

You can find out more about the event and register here.