Sharp Asphalt Pacopatch

When Highways Engineers are having to deal with ironwork failures on a regular basis, the IKO Mastic Asphalt Pacopatch system has a proven track record of being used to re instate failing surfaces around Manholes, drainage gullies and other public utilities ironworks.

With a long track record of being used for nearly 20 years, Sharp Asphalt have been using this system of repair successfully throughout the UK for more than 10 years

Being offered with a 5 year guarantee and proven to last longer than other conventional repair systems, the longevity of using mastic asphalt is favoured by many local authorities, utility and water companies

Pacopatch Ironwork re instatement system installed by Sharp Asphalt in 2012

System Benefits

  • No costly second visit – IKO Pacopatch gives a long-term road reinstatement installation every time!
  • No void system – Impermeable and monolithic mastic asphalt reinstatement solution
  • No compaction required – No roller or plate compactor required and no more damage to ironwork seating
  • No extended road closures – Quick and easy to lay for a faster installation. Installation can be completed in under 30 minutes
  • Smoother transition from ironwork to flexible pavement for improved structural continuity
  • System materials guarantee of 5 years
  • CE Certificate 0836–CPR–14/F082 & BS EN 13108-6

For more information please contact Garry Sharp on 07554 454 108 or

Pacopatch Ironwork Re Instatement System installed by Sharp Asphalt in 2020

Published 12/08/2020