8 April 2020 | BY: Archway Roadmaster

Roadmaster Spray Injection Patching Machine Solves Social Distancing Issue for Essential Road Repair

Helping to keep the show on the road for Local Authorities during COVID19 Crisis

The country and the world is facing an unprecedented public health crisis. Freeing up people power across our public services has never been as important as it is now,  but it is a fact that essential maintenance road works still need to be carried out. These works need to be carried out using as few resources as possible, while keeping the workforce safe being the highest priority. Roadmasters Spray Injection Patching Machines are ideally placed to do just that. The Roadmaster is the only pothole repair machine that is operated by a single person, from the comfort and safety of the cab of their truck. This simple fact eliminates physical or social distancing concerns, and also frees up manpower to work in other essential services.

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