13 January 2021 | Collaboration

Project Amber documents available for use

LCRIG members can use the new Project Amber Framework Contract documents (for road surface treatments) free of charge.   

The guidance note can be viewed here: Project Amber Guidance Note V2 Nov 20 

To encourage greater levels of innovation, Blackpool Council embarked on a simplified procurement for small highway works that SMEs could more easily relate to and completely understand the transparent approach that was being adopted.  

Some basic elements of the tender opportunity were: 

·         Based on the NEC4 Framework Contract  

·         Procured on a 100% quality  

·         A simple 2 stage tender process (Restricted Procedure) which was absolutely explicit about what was being sought by way or responses to ensure a level playing field.  

Twelve innovative contractors (suppliers) have now been appointed to the framework. The successful suppliers will be appointed to specific works packages as either a direct award or through a mini competition – either way prices will be sought to ensure commercial rigour. 

You can view a list of the Project Amber Framework contractors here: Project Amber Framework Contractors 

It is hoped that if enough councils utilise this framework then the volume of SMEs on the frameworks will increase significantly enabling them to work for councils nationwide and for councils to use SMEs registered on other councils’ frameworks – maximising innovation and reducing barriers to entry.

One of the successful organisations named on the Small Pavement Works Framework has recently written to councils praising the LCRIG initiative.

If you are interested in finding out more about Project Amber please contact Will Britain at will.britain@lcrig.org.uk