18th December 2020

Procurement organisation joins LCRIG

The UK’s biggest public procurement organisation, Crown CommerciaL Service (CCS), has joined the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) as a key organisation member. 

LCRIG has worked closely with CCS over the last few months with Andrea Fitzgerald, CCS’s Regional Head Business Management London & South East, featuring as a speaker on recent webinars put on by the organisation. Andrea was a panelist on LCRIG’s first webinar ‘Delivering innovation through collaborative procurement‘ and recently spoke on the subject of ‘Achieving sustainability in the roads sector‘.

Sandra Sewell, Senior Strategic Business Manager at Crown Commercial Service, said: “We can help you maximise every pound, save time and redirect precious resources where they’re needed most. We are focused on helping the highways community achieve the best possible outcomes from their procurements and we are proud to be a key organisation under the LCRIG banner.  Today, more than ever, procurement has a vital role to play in supporting and strengthening our public sector and we want to take the pressure off by supporting you with our ready-made frameworks. We understand your priorities and our trusted category experts can provide valuable support and advice, ensuring that you get the most appropriate and competitive solution to meet your needs.”

You can contact Sandra Sewell at sandra.sewell@crowncommercial.gov.uk