11 January 2022 | Innovation | Collaboration | Net Zero | BY: Hooke Highways Ltd.

Our commitment to run a fleet of leading-edge lower emission vehicles

We’re thrilled to announce that we recently took delivery of 15 brand new Iveco Traffic Management spec vehicles – with more to come! This signifies not only our continued company growth, but also our commitment to run a fleet of leading-edge lower emission vehicles – essential for supporting clients working within local communities.

Fully fitted with Iveco’s new Electronic-Controlled Variable Geometry Turbine, Start & Stop System and exclusive Class-A Super Eco Low Rolling tyres, these new vehicles complement the additional Verizon Trackers fitted across our fleet, allowing us to proactively manage our operations whilst reducing unnecessary journeys and further lowering our carbon emissions.

These vehicles are the result of many months of intensive design liaison with our supplier, to ensure they fit the demands of our company and provide the ultimate in safety and comfort for our TM Operatives. A raised driver position along with additional safety features will allow our team members to navigate the roads with increased lines of sight, comfort and overall safety.

This is an exciting time for us, and with the recent COP 26 conference in Glasgow we recognise how important it is to reduce our impact on the environment even further. We are now actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with like-minded fleet providers within our industry – to help support positive climate change initiatives whilst working alongside our customers.