20 July 2021 | Collaboration

One week to go until second #AsktheDfT event

There’s just one week left to register for LCRIG’s second #AsktheDfT event which will take place on 27 July. 

Members of the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) will once again have the opportunity to put questions directly to senior personnel from the Department for Transport (DfT) during our exclusive quarterly webinar series.  

The event which is entitled ‘Surveying roads: moving away from the status quo’ will be focused around the development of a data standard.

Following the 2019 Transport Select Committee report ‘Local roads funding and maintenance: filling the gap’, DfT has undertaken a review into the technology and data required to develop the best insight into highways condition at a national and local level.

SCANNER technology continues to be robust and valued by many local authorities. However, in reviewing the current surveying regime, DfT considers that the current UKPMS standard limits choices for local authorities by mandating which surveying technology they must use to fulfil their Single Data List obligations. 

Mandating a single form of road surveying technology could limit innovation in this sphere with negative consequences – ultimately – for the breadth, scope, and accessibility of road condition data outputs. This also restricts local authorities’ choice to a single surveying technology, or results in additional surveys being carried out using other technologies, with associated costs to the authority.

To provide local authorities with more choice, DfT is developing a data standard for road condition monitoring which warrants multiple technologies, including SCANNER, to carry out surveying for fulfilling Single Data List obligations.

This data standard would be designed to achieve the following principles: widely used; well-maintained over time; allows innovation; ensures high-quality, comparable data is generated. 

In order to get feedback on this the Department for Transport (DfT) is working with the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) to deliver its second #AsktheDfT event. 

The event will bring together a panel of experts to answer your questions, which will be focused around the development of a data standard.

Organisations interested in becoming a member should contact Secretariat & Executive Officer Susanne Ingham at [email protected]