12th October 2020

Northamptonshire CC starts winter phase of highways repair programme

Northamptonshire County Council will start the winter phase of its extensive highways repair programme this month (October). 

Every year there is a planned programme of works which involves various treatment methods including pothole repair, pre-service dress work and sealing cracked services, which runs alongside the reactive maintenance that addresses issues highlighted by routine inspections and reports via Street Doctor. 

A combination of winter weather and increased heavy usage causes damage to roads and footways and they become vulnerable as heavy rain, frost and snow all act to make surfaces more susceptible to deterioration. 

Northamptonshire County Council are always exploring innovative and costeffective ways to repair roads and have invested in machinery to provide long lasting and efficient highway repairs. Earlier in the year two Thermal Road Patching Units started working across Northamptonshire, and the Roadmaster is the latest road repair vehicle to be added to the fleet. 

The Roadmaster delivers significantly lower cost per tonne compared to both traditional and other velocity patching methods, with a capacity allowing up to 7 tonnes per load of chips and two loads of chips per day – enough for a full day of operation.

Cllr Jason Smithers, county council cabinet member for highways and place, said: “With less money available to us for repairs we need to make a little go a long way and use innovation to make the public pound stretch further. 

“The resultant cost savings and enhanced performance have added enormously to the appeal of the Roadmaster, and the technology has proved to be a less labour intensive and more cost-effective way of repairing roads quickly.”