4 June 2020 | BY: MULTEVO

Multihog: The machine for hygiene!

NEW! StreetCleaner – ideal for sanitising public spaces! 

The StreetCleaner is a Multihog tractor with an attachment made up of rotating scrubber decks, a spray bar and high pressure hand lance. It’s perfect for cleansing public spaces such as sidewalks, bike trails, sports courts, playgrounds, etc.

You can use it with or without disinfectant, whichever you prefer.

Sanitising Brush for Multihog, which can be used to disinfect footpaths, playgrounds, bleachers, parks and more.

The sanitising broom and water tank can be used with disinfectant solution, and is perfect to cleanse footpaths, sports courts and more.
It features a 23 metre hand lance for sanitising hard to reach places like doors, trash cans, bus shelters and more. A rotating vertical spray bar is also ideal for drive-past sanitation of rows of tables/benches/bleachers.

Don’t forget!

The biggest advantage of using a Multihog for public sanitation is its enclosed cabin, which does a great job of protecting the operator during the cleaning process.

Video: Multihog & Boom Mower range. We have a boom mower and tractor model to suit every need, from the narrow CX to the larger MH.  

Grass season calls for an efficient mowing method, and Multihog has a range of tractors and mowers to suit every type of customer.

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