17 October 2023 | Innovation

Meon launch quick mix, rapid-set HardMaster concrete

Concrete comparison image

Meon have officially launched their latest Rapid-Set Concrete, HardMaster W910.

HardMaster concreteA multi-use product, developed for use as either a flowable or trowelable concrete and packaged as a pre-mixed blend, designed to save time and effort and ensure a consistent mixture of aggregate and cement every time.

Ainsley Moyle, head of Research and Development at Meon told explained to us, “We heard of the challenges the market was facing with existing products, with inconsistent mixes causing failures and inefficient application processes slowing down installations.

We have introduced the HardMaster W910 which offers a solution with guaranteed performance due to the pre-blended mix, no guesswork with part mixes and a fast & easy mixing process.”

The product description reads; “HardMaster W910 is a 10mm rapid strength concrete ideal for any application that requires early strength gain and a quick return to service, with a traffic time of just 9 minutes.

Typical applications are Ironwork backfilling, haunching and post installations.

W910 is a pre-blended mix which is easy to use and can be used either as a Trowelable or flowable mix, available in 20kg weatherproof bags.”

Meon launched the product with an interesting comparison video, putting their new product alongside Instarmac’s QC10 range and providing an insight into each of the product’s uses, packaging, technical data and a demonstration of the products ease of use and application process.

Initial feedback about the new product has been great, customers appear to be loving the multi-use product and the practicality of the product is a huge selling point for Meon.
We heard from City Council Maintenance Manager Simon Angeli, telling us “This new product is easy to apply and easy to smooth.

I have a team of 5 people who were using QC10 for a number of years, but now they have tried HardMaster W910 they have told me to only order this going forward.
Great value for money, Chris and his team at Meon are a fantastic bunch. They are very helpful and know their products.”

Watch the video HERE.