1 July 2022 | Collaboration | Our Work

Meet the Innovation Festival Exhibitors

The LCRIG Innovation Festival will be a first of its kind for the highways sector. The event has been established to ‘make the case for innovation’ and will bring together local authorities, central government, the supply chain, associations and academia.

You can find out more about our other exhibitors below:


Ginger Lehmann Ltd

Ginger Lehmann has over 20 years’ experience of data collection and analysis in Europe. Specialists in Road condition Surveys, Asset Inventory collection, Core testing, and Safety inspection. Our technology captures reliable comprehensive condition data allowing for informed decisions of maintenance schedules and improved safety for your network.



iTip Handles are a revolutionary rotating ergonomic handle that once fitted to manual handling devices provides many safety benefits.


Meon Ltd

Qualifying Innovator: Highway Defects, Fleet & Equipment, Health & Safety 


Meon are passionate about improved line marking and surface repair solutions, backed up by world class support throughout the UK & Ireland.

Project Highways Zero started in 2020, backed by industry experts Meon, to highlight how carbon savings can be made across our highway and transportation infrastructure with respect to line marking and surface repairs.

The campaign has been created and is underpinned by the fundamental elements that all line marking, and surface repair systems used in the UK should have a focus around:


No business or industry can tackle the climate emergency alone… Together we can succeed.

Find out more… www.netzerocarbonhighways.com


Messagemaker Displays Ltd

Qualifying Innovator: Transport Technology

Messagemaker Displays are a supplier of LED Signage solutions to the highways and traffic management industries. We provide innovative solutions through collaborating with our team, clients and partners.

At the Innovation Festival we will be showcasing our latest Hazard Warning Vehicle Activated solution. The LED sign is a versatile option with the incorporation of reflective vinyl signage to allow the sign to be applied to every single type of road hazard and is also supplied completely off-grid using solar power.





Milestone Infrastructure 

Milestone Infrastructure, a part of M Group Services, deliver Highway Maintenance, Street Lighting and Civils Projects across the UK. Our aim is to be the supplier of choice to our clients, working collaboratively to shape and deliver safe, innovative solutions to maintain and enhance highways infrastructure.

We are showcasing the collaborative approach between Milestone and Oxfordshire County Council, collating, assessing, delivering and monitoring innovation across the service through their Partnership Innovation Forum.

This Forum has delivered £20m of savings and added value over the last 3 years of the contract. A selection of innovation case studies are available on our exhibition stand.


Mobile VMS

Mobile VMS are a provider of solar Variable Message Signs (VMS), traffic sensing products and integrated digital solutions for recording, analysis and communication of road critical information to the motorist.

We believe collaboration is a key driver of innovation and many of the National Highways SRN and local authority schemes we are involved with involve integration with other technology providers, pushing key messages autonomously to our VMS. Traffic data provision and analysis is another key area of development for Mobile VMS and we provide detailed Journey time, queue detection, dynamic diversion routing and incident management on projects. In addition, as part of collaborative efforts, we provide advance warning communications with SVD providers and HRS Sentry radar. Our solar intelligent platforms are used by providers like Siemens/ Yunex to mount Cav comms and emission sensors for clean air zone projects.



Qualifying Innovator: Highway Defects, Fleet & Equipment 

Multevo – turnkey in-house highways, civils, vegetation, arb and traffic management services.

Multevo are the exclusive UK distributors for sale, hire and after sales for the innovative Multihog range of equipment and are also a Constructionline Gold and NHSS 12,16 and 18 accredited company.

We self-deliver award-winning turnkey supply chain partnerships nationwide, including: highways, civils, vegetation, arboriculture and traffic management services.
The Multevo method is proven best practice for fixing potholes, defects and patches permanently with teams averaging 144 square metres fix first time per shift.
Utilising the Multihog our multi-skilled teams can tackle several maintenance tasks at the same time using the same machine for increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

The latest innovation from Multevo is the Hydrohog – a low carbon dual fuel (hydrogen/diesel) multi-purpose highway maintenance vehicle available for trial.


North Yorkshire Highways 

NYHighways was launched in 2021 by North Yorkshire County Council, operating as a commercial teckal company in order to maintain the county’s vast road network. NYHighways’ aim is to be at the forefront of local authority highways innovation – we are dedicated to developing systems and processes that bring efficiency to our work.

At the festival, we are showcasing the development of the carbon calculator tool, which on completion, will be shared with other local authorities. The tool won innovation funding from LCRIG / WJ and uses the recent ADEPT/FHRG guidance paper on assessing carbon emissions as a foundation to ensure consistency across the industry.



The Nu-phalt Group has significant experience in delivering highway maintenance through its growing portfolio of carbon reducing innovative maintenance services.

Nuphalt Contracting employs highly skilled engineering and operational staff who are experienced in the delivery of a diverse range of civil engineering services across the Country utilising latest technology to carry out large scale repairs to the rural and urban network.

Our Services
• Spray Injection Patching
• Nu-phalt Thermal Road Repairs
• Nu-Flex Porous Pavements
• Road Preservation Systems

Phill Lewis & Keith Flinn will be at the Festival to discuss what we offer – no hard sell just advice on how to reduce costs reduce carbon and reduce public complaints!



Qualifying Innovator: Highway Defects 

The QED Hydrocarbon Analyser from QROS gives instant results for coal tar in road binder at under £5 per sample, with results comparable to high quality GCMS. It is more reliable than PAK spray, and can be used at the roadside or at a depot. It is easy to use, training takes around two hours. The QED has been widely used on prestige projects such as the London Olympics, Crossrail, HS2 and Thames Tideway, and is currently in use throughout the UK and around the world. QROS have distributors for the QED in Taiwan, the USA, South Africa and Scandinavia.


Red Stag Ltd

Red Stag Materials Ltd are a premium manufacturer and supplier to the Highway Maintenance and Infrastructure sectors. Drop by our stand at the LCRIG innovation festival where we will be showcasing our Carbon Neutral polymer modified cold asphalt, EZ Street Asphalt. Used across the globe for over 25 years in some of the world’s harshest climates, EZ Street is the perfect solution for permanent pothole repair.
Available in loose, bulk bags and small bags, EZ Street is an ideal product to help you towards your carbon and waste reduction targets along. Come and have a chat with Gary and Grant.


Rennicks UK Ltd

Qualifying Innovator: Winter Maintenance 

Part of Rennicks Group Limited Ireland, Rennicks UK was established in 1986 and is at the forefront of traffic signs innovation; developing and supplying the latest road traffic signs and technology.

Rennicks IoT Weather Station

The Rennicks IoT (Internet of Things) Weather Station provides data led weather information that can play a critical role in authorities’ decision making process on various highway treatments. This reliable, easily accessible, affordable multi-sensor device measures both ground and air temperature, as well as air humidity. Authorities can use this data to see, at a very granular local level, whether winter road treatments are necessary. The system isn’t only limited to the roadside, it can also play a significant role in monitoring the conditions of cycle path networks and car parks, enabling operators to keep areas safe for use.


Roadmender Asphalt

Roadmender manufacture and sell a range of different sustainable waste tyre rubber modified, recycled materials for road repairs , private infrastructure repairs and utility reinstatement. These new flowable repair materials are void-less, waterproof, highly durable, and specially designed to save contractors time, money and carbon.


Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA)

Originally established in 1976 the RSMA has become one of the largest specialist trade body in the Highways sector, and has played a pivotal role in the development of the Road Marking Industry.

The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA)

Established in 2008, The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) is the focal point for the road surface maintenance industry.

The RSTA aims to raise the awareness of the range and benefits of road and airfield surface treatments and promote work force competence, professionalism and safe working practices. Champion safe working, sustainability and best practice. Membership covers the whole supply chain and includes large national and regional contracting companies, local authority direct labour services organisations, materials and equipment suppliers, test houses and consultants. Members are encouraged to be registered with the National Highway Sector Scheme 13 (NHSS13), NHSS23 or a recognised Product Assurance and Approved Installers Scheme.

Saint-Gobain PAM

At Saint-Gobain PAM UK our aim is to create value for our customers, we have a clear strategy to provide access cover and grating solutions that offer whole life cost savings. Through collaboration and stakeholder engagement we have helped identify key opportunities to avoid risk and improve safety. There is growing recognition that through correct product design, specification, installation and maintenance this will result significant improvements to the life of the drainage network, therefore it comes as no surprise that over recent years we have seen the pace of change increase with the adoption of innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their needs and objectives.

Stabilised Pavements Ltd

Qualifying Innovator: Highway Defects 

…a sustainable future for Britain’s roads

Stabilised Pavements Limited is a specialist in-situ road recycling company based in The Midlands, working with highways clients throughout the UK

We are excited to share our on-going progress at The Innovation Festival which highlights our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with low carbon maintenance options. These include the deployment of our latest generation high output Recycler as well as one pass installation of grids and geotextiles.

Our design developments include delivery of In Situ Foamed Bitumen, the use of cement enhancements from Powercem and shallow treatments for both Trunk and Rural Roads.



Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business. Tarmac combines the knowledge and expertise of two of the construction industry’s most iconic brands: Tarmac, the pioneers of the modern road and Blue Circle, the company that patented Portland Cement.

With over 150 years of experience Tarmac directly employs around 7,000 people across a nationwide network of over 350 sites. Our solutions span aggregates, asphalt, cement, lime, concrete, road contracting, maintenance and infrastructure services, building products and recycling services.

Ask us about the latest in highways technology, process efficiency and sustainable paving.


Tensar International Ltd

Qualifying Innovator: Green Estate, Transport Technology 

Tensar International Ltd is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and provision of products and systems for subgrade stabilisation, pavement optimisation and soil reinforcement.

Introducing Tensar’s next generation…Tensar® InterAx® is the most advanced and best performing geogrid Tensar have developed, with applications in road foundations, pavement layers and other trafficked areas. Its optimised geometry improves confinement of granular particles and creates a highly efficient stabilised layer. A market-leading solution, Tensar InterAx® provides the best performance and best value of any other Tensar geogrid.

Also, Tensar’s InterAx geogrid has been included in Tensar+ to allow designers to take advantage of it’s improved performance. Our easy-to-use, award-winning Tensar+ design software, saves you time and effort, while ensuring your designs are reliable and deliver the expected results.

Thermal Road Repairs

Thermal Road Repairs technology addresses issues around the longevity of asphalt across the Highways, Utility, Port and Airport Sectors. Our processes are built around technology that introduces heat into asphalt so that it can be repaired in situ, eliminating waste and increasing operational outputs. This addresses asphalt joint failures, potholes, density and texture issues.

The equipment is powered by biofuel and electrical energy harvested via a solar charging system.

We manufacture mobile heaters, specialist vehicles, asphalt hot boxes (storage units) and asphalt paver mounted heating equipment. All R&D and production is undertaken in the United Kingdom.

Traffic Open Products & Specifications (TOPAS)

TOPAS was created to ensure that compatibility and interoperability continues, following the removal of statutory Type Approval for traffic control and messaging. To ensure a seamless balance across the UK, it is vital that functionality is determined. TOPAS manages specifications for technical requirements beyond TSRGD and EN standards, relevant for the UK requirements and provides a product registration process to these specifications.

We ensure that standards remain effective and when they require adaptation we provide the facility for this to happen swiftly and effectively, calling on expertise from industry, primarily through ARTSM and the user community.

Traffic Group Signals 

Qualifying Innovator: Transport Technology 

Traffic Group Signals combine over 100 years of knowledge and experience from Pike Signals and Hollco to provide our customers with the UK’s most advanced portable & temporary traffic signals and services.

Part of the wider Traffic Group, we form part of a collective of specialist traffic technology innovators, who strive to promote safer, greener, more efficient traffic management.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for applications ranging from simple two-way deployment through to complex, UTC-integrated temporary junction schemes, are known for our RadioConnect2, Metro and Evo signal brands.

Visit our website for more information


Transport Technology Forum (TTF)

Transport Technology Forum exists to give leadership, direction and support and to stimulate investment in innovation and technology solutions.




Qualifying Innovator: Highway Defects

UltraCrete, part of the Instarmac Group plc, has been providing the industry with trusted, proven and fit for purpose highway maintenance and repair materials for over 40 years. As a market-leading brand, UltraCrete understands the importance of collaborative working with stakeholders, suppliers, industry experts and employees, and how it can, and has, led to new and improved standards and product innovation. The most recent, and to be showcased at the Festival, is the UltraCrete Mortar Buoy® access frame installation aid.



Fusing world-class products, systems, and services with accurate and reliable digital data, Vaisala’s road asset management solutions enable road authorities to ensure road assets are managed and scarce resources are deployed efficiently.

RoadAI combines a user-friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology tool, high-quality video data, and reliable methodology to quickly and accurately assess pavement surface conditions. Highways surveyors & inspectors can quickly create thorough, accurate reports about pavement conditions using just a mobile smart phone to support reactive and planned maintenance processes.

Westcotec Ltd

Qualifying Innovator: Transport Technology, Health & Safety  

Westcotec thrive on innovation, relishing the challenge of bringing new approaches to old problems.

The latest product in development by Westcotec is the ‘Fatal 3’ Detection System, which is the third version of an already popular product that has been designed and manufactured in-house by the employee owned company. The system aims to educate drivers of wrongdoings by displaying a dedicated message to the oncoming motorist after an offence has been detected.

The system which is currently undergoing off road testing, uses camera and radar-based technology to detect three offences when an oncoming motorist behind the wheel is recorded; these are 1) using a mobile device behind the wheel 2) not wearing a seatbelt and 3) travelling above a set speed threshold. Once any/all of the offences have been detected, the system will illuminate the necessary warning on an electronic LED display to the oncoming motorist, as well as outputs to other devices if required.

WJ Group

Qualifying Innovator: Fleet & Equipment, Health & Safety  

WJ Group is the UK’s leading road marking and highway safety business, supporting the strategic road network, local authority and off-highway markets by providing solutions that create safe, sustainable journeys for everyone.

We will be demonstrating the ThermoPrint, a one-of-a-kind machine that is designed to save lives and revolutionise the road marking sector.
It is a fully autonomous vehicle that can carry out all types of road marking application. Consequently, enabling vulnerable operatives to be removed from the dangers of the carriageway and into the safety of the cab, whilst greatly increasing efficiency.

Xais Asset Management 

XAIS offer a comprehensive range of professional services and software to local authorities, highway network operators and international transport organisations looking to get best value from their highway asset management data and plans. Our highly experienced team of staff includes nationally recognised experts in Highway asset management.
XAIS complement these engineering skills with a proven capability in the design, implementation and support of advanced software solutions that meet the current demands of our clients both nationally and internationally.

We will be playing a video of a wide range of products with specific focus on our lates product; Xais iV Footway – 360 solution.


The LCRIG Innovation Festival will give qualifying innovators the chance to receive funding to develop an innovation or facilitate a trial of their product or solution on a local authority network.

A number of local authorities have committed to making their networks available for trials and a portion of all exhibition space and sponsor sales at the festival will be put into the LCRIG / Steve Berry Innovation Fund, to be distributed to winning innovators, or to contribute to the cost of a trial, for each innovation category.

The event takes place at Newark Showground from 6-7 July 2022.