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Meet the Innovation Festival Exhibitors

The LCRIG Innovation Festival will be a first of its kind for the highways sector. The event has been established to ‘make the case for innovation’ and will bring together local authorities, central government, the supply chain, associations and academia.

You can find out more about some of our exhibitors below:


Qualifying Innovator: Transport Technology, Health & Safety

Imagine having access to up-to-date safety inspections of your network, 24/7, in all weather conditions! RoadTrace™ constantly monitors driving behaviour, analysing patterns in the data to identify areas with repeated abnormal driving, before KSI crashes occur.Aisin, the automotive multinational behind the RoadTrace™ innovation, aggregates and transforms millions of data points from existing connected cars and other sources to provide a manageable number of safety insights that are delivered through existing data channels.The technology enables road safety improvements with minimal spend, that can be justified because data driven. Ultimately, RoadTrace™ proposes a proactive approach to accident prevention to help save lives.


Qualifying Innovator: Retroreflectivity

AMAC – Advanced Mobile Asset Collection, comprises a range of new generation mobile survey technologies to aid highway asset management. The innovative system meets the growing demand for quick and safe collection of the night-time performance of highway assets, with the same accuracy as using hand-held devices. Our vehicle mounted technology collects data at night-time under actual operating conditions, whilst travelling at road speed. Surveys are therefore carried out quickly, with up to 200 miles of network being surveyed in a single night.On completion of the survey, we provide technical presentations referencing the appropriate Codes of Practice and demonstrating the results from the survey to show what has been captured. AMAC technology is now widely accepted by National Highways and we have several contracts with them throughout the UK.

Amberon Ltd

As a market leader in the Traffic Management Industry Amberon are delighted to be exhibiting at the first ever LCRIG Innovation Festival this year. We are taking this opportunity to showcase innovations we have adopted as best practice in the business.These include demonstrating a new vehicle equipped with real time GPS tracking (Samsara) and adapted by Bevan Auto Bodies after taking ergonomic assessment from the workforce. Traffic light asset monitoring system (Trackit24/7), video and AI enabled telematics (Motormax), sustainable and environment friendly bamboo PPE (Streamline) and the world’s first portable fingerprint-based drug screening system (Intelligent Finger Printing).


Qualifying Innovator: Highway Defects, Green Estate, Winter Maintenance, Fleet & Equipment, Health & Safety, Retroreflectivity 

Amey work in partnership with some of the UK’s biggest asset owners to enable local communities to thrive; connecting travel networks, modernising roads and investing in technology. In collaboration with our in-house infrastructure consultancy practice,  we specialise in data-driven decisions which uniquely place us to transform the way we work across the highways sector.We’ll be showcasing real-life examples of how, through customer collaboration and working the brightest minds, we create fast-paced solutions using innovative tools and techniques. Visit us on Stand 6 where we’ll be sharing our data insights to optimise delivery, enhance performance and deliver value for money.

Archway Roadmaster (UK) Ltd

Archway Roadmaster manufacture the Roadmaster® spray injection patching equipment, and currently work with over 50 local authorities in the U.K and Ireland. The company has developed innovative solutions for the highways industry for nearly two decades and offer services including machine sales, contract hire, contracting works and training.

Archway’s, Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patching machine, incorporates the latest technology to allow a single operator to carry out road repairs from the safety of the cab. This technology increases operator safety and repair quality, while reducing carbon and cost implications. Hydrohog – a low carbon dual fuel (hydrogen/diesel) multi-purpose highway maintenance vehicle available for trial.

Asphalt-IQ Ltd

Qualifying Innovator: Green Estate

Asphalt-IQ Ltd has developed a Smart A-Tag for road surfacing projects which is designed to be embedded into asphalt prior to compaction. This enables all asphalt production and surfacing data, including the carbon footprint of the works, to be uploaded and stored directly into the road. This information can be accessed through the lifecycle of the pavement with a simple “tap” of a smartphone.

The Offset-IQ App can calculate the carbon footprint of the surfacing works in less than 60 seconds and offers the chance for the emissions to be neutralised through UK based carbon mitigation projects.



ARTSM is the Trade Association for road traffic products and services and as such is the leading body in technical expertise both on infrastructure products and on requirements for compatibility and integration.

We provide a voice for industry and welcome innovators to join to ensure that the progress of the change is managed smoothly by providing new knowledge and expertise to help adapt and renew standards. Without compatibility the new environment cannot be successful and we fully support the need to remain interoperable and join innovation to existing product requirements.

Chevron TM

Chevron Traffic Management works with clients in utilities, rail, highways, local authorities and events to create safe work zones to protect your employees and the general public.

At the Innovation Festival, Chevron TM will be showcasing:

• Traffic Management (TM) purpose-built vehicle enabled to carry a complete 4-way temporary traffic light setup within its weight capacity.

• The latest dura post is 100% made from recycled materials and is also 100% recyclable and lighter than standard equipment.

• The SiigSens portable traffic signal which has been designed by experienced industry professionals with the industry in mind. Find out what makes the Siigsense TOUGHER, SMARTER & GREENER.

Please speak with the Chevron team, Chris and Marvin, about Chevron Group innovations, the range of services and capabilities covering Chevron Traffic Management, Chevron Green Services and our Digital Products.

Clearview Intelligence 

Qualifying Innovator: Transport Technology, Retroreflectivity 

Clearview has been delivering technology solutions to the highways and transport sector for over 40 years. Our solutions help clients to understand and influence the changes in traffic demand, customer behaviour and how people travel, enabling safe and effective multi-modal transport infrastructure – key elements of the Smart Mobility agenda.

We are developing a durable, compact ClickLite Active Road Stud, which can now be installed within a metal shoe body. The housing offers a variety of key benefits, including an extra layer of protection to the stud, increasing its durability.

Clearview Intelligence has been working on offering the next generation of traffic monitoring solutions – Insight Video Analytics. The technology provides count and classification of 8 classes including people, cyclists, and buses. The system also provides ANPR, origin and destination, speed and several different event types including:

· Queue detection
· Pedestrian on the road
· Stopped vehicle
· Poor visibility

Clearway Technology

Qualifying Innovator: Transport Technology, Health & Safety

Clearway Technology brings solutions from the security sector to highways with the latest in wearable safety devices to protect our workforces and a solar-powered, rapid deployment, mobile technology tower for a wide range of security, protection and data collection. Both technologies are supported by our in-house 24/7 NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Find out more here.

Community Models/Strategic Value Engineering Ltd

Community Models have developed an approach that allows Highways Authorities to better measure the impact of their investment proposals on communities. It supplements existing models that focus predominantly on asset and network performance benefits to allow a wider strategic perspective to be taken and measurable comparisons to be made.

The model provides granularity in understanding the impact of different projects and service interventions and how this may vary between different localities. As a result, it allows more informed decisions about service and projects associated with Highways, Planning, Economic Development, Regeneration and Place.

Connected Safety Net Ltd

Qualifying Innovator: Health & Safety

At Connected Safety Net we provide next generation cloud-based solutions to achieve zero accidents in the workplace and reduce insurance premiums. Our simple, intuitive mobile apps and browser software encourage people to report events in real-time, use powerful speech to text to dictate the circumstances of an injury, and capture supporting photos and videos into a flash report.

Health and Safety directors and their teams may launch an investigation at the scene or their desk, prepare an action plan, track lost time, capture supporting documents and notes, along with the formal RIDDOR Report that can be shared with a government agency or insurance provider as appropriate. Find out more here.

Connor Specialist Paving

We are the designers, manufacturers and installers of the Tac-Grid®tactile system and Highways Dashboard™

Tac-grid is the unique solution to traditional tactile paving. Tac-Grid uses a recycled plastic grid and bespoke high quality MMA resin, guaranteed for 3 years, minimum remedials and with a saving of 93.6% in CO2 emissions when compared with traditional tactile paving.

We offer the option of an embedded technology beacon. Via a free to download app the vulnerable pedestrian will hear a message alerting them to the type of crossing, location and nearby landmarks. The Highways Dashboard gives the Local Authority complete control of the beacons, including analytics, locations and the ability to change the message heard.

Drainline Southern Ltd

Drainline was established in 2003 and the management team have over 100 years combined experience in the Drainage Industry.

We cater for all types of drainage works from inception to completion – from a blockage in a small diameter line to rehabilitation of a main line sewer. We utilize our own in-house Traffic Management teams to safely protect our highways workforce whist recording drainage assets using modern GIS technologies during the maintenance process.

On display will be our latest Scania low floor chassis DVS 5 Star compliant Gully Cleansing Vehicle equipped with 360-degree CCTV recording and sensor systems with driver alerts. This gives the driver the greatest direct and indirect view from the cab.

Eurovia UK

Qualifying Innovator: Fleet & Equipment, Health & Safety

Eurovia is a leading provider of highways and infrastructure construction and maintenance services to local government and strategic road operators. Our approach is based on collaboration and innovation, maximising the value we provide to our Clients.

As part of our digital construction strategy, we have been developing innovative technologies that improve project outcomes relating to efficiency, safety and sustainability:

AVUS – the augmented visualisation of underground services – making the invisible – VISIBLE

IntelliPave – enhancing urban realm regeneration through smart scanning and precision robotic cutting – the perfect cut every time

Fitzpatrick Advisory Ltd

DASHA is a data aggregation and visualisation platform especially designed for better council management of the built and natural environment.

All the platforms and activities used in network management exist in relative isolation from each other requiring a lot of ‘back office’ validation, (research shows up to 30% of an officer’s time), to connect and make data and information ‘actionable’.

DASHA connects structured and non-structured data from anywhere within the Highways ecosystem and beyond, bringing the front line into the back office.

DASHA reduces time, cost and improves the quality of decision making in network management and investment.


Qualifying Innovator: Winter Maintenance 

Since 2007 Gaist have partnered globally across central and local governments on a mission to change how we understand and interpret the roadscape. Offering transformational roadscape intelligence and insights tailored to client needs, Gaist are at the forefront of providing solutions focused on delivering value to the highways industry.

Gaist will be showcasing their newest data partnerships at the lcrig innovation festival. Showcasing groundbreaking insights and datasets derived from vehicles on the road network to improve safety and winter maintenance provision, they will be present on stand 14 for the duration of the festival.


Galliford Try is one of the UK’s leading construction groups. Working across 11 sectors, such as Highways and Environment, we pride ourselves on being the trusted contractor of choice for many customers. We focus on using our values driven approach, innovation, and great service to deliver our projects and positively impact communities.
We are passionate about what we do, our people genuinely care about our customers, and we constantly explore opportunities to improve what we do.

At the exhibition, we will be showcasing recent technology trials we have been undertaking, the brilliant supply partners we have been collaborating with, and allow those visiting on the day the chance to try the innovation we have been exploring.

Geosynthetics Ltd

Geosynthetics Limited aim to drive innovation through collaboration, using one or more of our 8 sustainable methods of value engineering.

Restricted national design standards can be onerous, with little consideration for the exceptional needs of our Local Authorities.
VE must be a fundamental part of the design process, to have a positive impact on:

• tCo2 emissions.
• IMPORT of aggregates.
• EXPORT of earthworks.
• DELAYS due to traffic management.
• LONGER journeys due to diversions.
• DISTURBANCE due to dirt and noise.
• IMPACT on the surrounding infrastructure.
• RISKS to public health, safety and wellbeing.

Henry Williams and Son (Roads) Ltd

Henry Williams and Son (Roads) Ltd has been a family-owned business for five generations, with a history in road construction and highways maintenance stretching back to the 1860’s. Our pride in the company’s history along with our widespread experience, innovative approach, and personal commitment ensures we provide our clients with the highest standards of service.

We have bespoke, sustainable solutions to solve new build and maintenance challenges for all types of infrastructure and the road network. We work for a variety of private and public sector clients, taking on the role of Principal Contractor, and we also work for Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors, in a subcontractor role.

Our diverse range of services and surface treatments include:

• Asphalt Macadam Surfacing – machine, handlay and patching.
• Asphalt Preservation – prolonging the life of the pavement.
• Bond Coating and Vertical Joint Sealing.
• Civil Engineering – S278/S38 highway works, footway/cycleways, and external works.
• Fencing – all types of steel and timber.
• Retread – shallow depth insitu pavement recycling.
• Surface Dressing – carriageway, footway, decorative, parks and towpaths.
• Target Surface Dressing – localised dressing for areas of fretting or open joints.

Our accreditations include ISO 45001, ISO 9001, NHSS13, Construction Line Gold, SSIP, Acclaim, Avetta and Builder’s Profile.

We are certified with Planet Mark, and we already self-generate 50% of our electricity, with a plan to be 100% self-sufficient soon. We also plan to switch our entire fleet, including HGV’s, to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) this year plus all our company cars will be Electric or Hybrid Electric as soon as these are available.

Highway Data Systems

Highway Data Systems’ technology automates and digitises the function performed by materials technicians on highways construction and maintenance sites. HDS integrated hardware and software systems conduct all quality assurance functions usually carried out by technicians, helping reduce testing costs by over 20% whilst improving health and safety, building longer lasting roads, and delivering high quality data for use in asset management.

HDS will be talking about how their innovative new approach to materials testing is being used across the UK and how local authorities can join their peers in reaping the rewards that technology has to offer.

Highway Resource Solutions (HRS)

Qualifying Innovator: Transport Technology

HRS specialise in the delivery of innovative digital services that improve the safety and efficiency of temporary work zones in infrastructure construction and maintenance

The Intelliframe® is a new and innovative way of fulfilling the same function as a traditional sign frame but with a range of additional features. The Intelliframe® communicates with a back-end system to report on its location, status, battery, movement and Impact. It can electronically display a permit number, dates/times which can be instantly updated remotely. It can detect what sign is installed and show this on a digital map, it can interface with third-party systems such as One.network to automatically update works status and flag up potential overstays or exceptions early whilst providing road users with up-to-date information.

i-Glo Ltd

i-Glo are committed to research, development and installation of innovative solar powered safety technology, reducing electrical consumption and the associated carbon footprint.

Our new cycle delineation system absorbs solar light as well as incident light from motor vehicles to charge our glow in the dark glass bead technology, emitting a vibrant after-glow in darkness for cycle safety, allowing councils to switch street lights off, saving power and reducing carbon emissions.
The cycle delineators are made from ‘infinity plastic’ which allows multiple recycling cycles at end-of-life making it the most sustainable cycling delineation system on the market.

Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE)

IHE membership formally recognises your qualifications and industry experience. Join us and demonstrate your technical skills, qualifications and expertise to clients and employers.

We’ve been registering engineers and technicians with the Engineering Council since 1972 and accrediting academic courses since 1989. You can take advantage of our extensive highways experience and trained specialist advisors, mentors, and reviewers by becoming a member.


ITS (UK) is an independent membership society consisting of a wide range of private and public sector transport technology-related organisations.  We have over 150 UK organisations, comprising of Government Departments, Local Authorities, consultants, manufacturing and service companies, and academic and research institutions.

ITS (UK) facilitates excellent networking, knowledge sharing and PR opportunities and is also the powerful combined voice of the ITS Industry, leading the conversation about intelligent mobility. Members benefit from a diverse set of activities including seminars, workshops and regular news dissemination alongside encouraging discussion on issues such as public/private co-operation, standards, legislation, information provision and new technology.


Qualifying Innovator: Highway Defect, Fleet & Equipment

JCB has grown to become one of the UK’s most respected manufacturing companies since it was established in 1945. As a privately-owned family business, it remains committed to manufacturing a broad range of innovative products in the UK, include the JCB Pothole Pro.

The award-winning JCB Pothole Pro is a unique 3 in 1 solution specifically designed to sort out any pothole repair or patching works, efficiently, economically and permanently. Because it comes with 3 dedicated attachments to cut, crop and clean, there’s no need for additional specialist equipment or extra manpower, saving you both time and money.


Qualifying Innovator: Watercourse Management, Green Estate 

KaarbonTech provide smart phone and cloud-based asset management software, consultancy and services to help Local Authorities manage their highway assets better. By combining condition, usage, outstanding defects and IoT data with geographic and other asset influences, they answer the key question. Which assets should I maintain more/less?

Through sector experience and understanding of the complexities in managing each asset type KaarbonTech have shaped a platform for field users to collect and update a network inventory on the most complex of assets. The result has enabled some authorities to increase field productivity by 50%.


Qualifying Innovator: Retroreflectivity

KERBED IT’s mission is to become the global leader in the deliverance of smart road technology whilst taking one of the world’s most under-utilised and dormant assets: kerbs, and developing solutions to enable stakeholders to reduce expenses, improve operational efficiency, generate revenue, reduce carbon footprint, enhance and improve roadway safety and experience for end-users and enable smart road connectivity within organisations.

Kiely Bros Ltd

Kiely Bros is the UK’s leading company in Surface Treatments, offering a variety of carriageway solutions. Our expansion in our Road Markings division has allowed us to provide excellent results all the way from planning and prep works before the surface treatment, to reinstating the road markings after completion – offering a full package for the client. We are proud to exhibit our new Euro 6 compliant High Friction Truck which is designed for the use of anti-skid, crack seal and stud grout. The versatility of our new vehicle reflects the broad range of products that Kiely Bros has to offer.

Find out more about our other exhibitors tomorrow! 

The LCRIG Innovation Festival will give qualifying innovators the chance to receive funding to develop an innovation or facilitate a trial of their product or solution on a local authority network.

A number of local authorities have committed to making their networks available for trials and a portion of all exhibition space and sponsor sales at the festival will be put into the LCRIG / Steve Berry Innovation Fund, to be distributed to winning innovators, or to contribute to the cost of a trial, for each innovation category.

The event takes place at Newark Showground from 6-7 July 2022.