26 March 2020 | BY: Medway Council

Medway Tunnel Improvements

Cross Passage Doors

We are currently half way through the programme for replacing the emergency cross passage doors within the tunnel. There are eight doors in total and four have been replaced so far. The old doors had become severely corroded due to their age and were beyond repair. The new stainless steel doors are a lot easier to use in the event of an emergency.




Before                                                                                                      After


Ermatic Covers

Two large ermatic covers were replaced at the last tunnel closure, these are large covers which require a removable beam through the centre to support traffic. The old covers had dropped and become damaged, therefore both were replaced.



Successful Challenge Fund 2B

Medway Council have been successful in their DfT challenge fund 2B bid. This successful bid will fund the works to several different assets within the tunnel and on the approach roads, as well as the upgrade of vital control systems for the tunnel. This includes works to the Ventilation Fans, VMS System, SCADA & CCTV, Sumps & Pumps, Crash Barrier, Service Covers, areas of resurfacing and Retaining Wall Rebuild.


Information courtesy of our Structures and Tunnel team