25 May 2022 | Collaboration | Our Work

Making the case for collaboration

Paula Claytonsmith provided an update on how the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) is making the case for local roads at last week’s Transport Technology Forum (TTF) conference.

Paula, who recently joined LCRIG as Director, Government and Strategy, told delegates that she will be working hard to deliver closer collaboration between cental and local government as well as the supply chain.

Reflecting on her time at the event, Paula told the audience: “What I have found interesting is the interaction that is happening between local authorities and suppliers, and from one council to another. One of the biggest challenges that we are seeing coming into local government is how do you get what Coventry did into Blackburn? How do you get what you have seen in the London Borough of Hillingdon through into say Croydon Council? Part of my role is to really understand what the nub is of what happened in one local authority, that we can transfer to other local authorities.”

Paula described how her role will involve distilling policy, research and insight for councils and associate members to help benefit them.

Getting this shared widely in a useable and useful way is important because not everyone has the time to delve into detailed policy, research or what good practice is happening in the sector.

She added: “Many councils are doing it very well. Some councils have not even started on their journey. I’ll be thinking about how we can help those that are in various stages of their journey for implementing technology and transport through to policies around say active travel? I will be spending my time looking at different local authorities, looking at different communities within those local authorities, and helping LCRIG members and others really share that knowledge.

“Because what tends to happen is we see good case studies; we see interesting pieces of good practice. But taking the tacit piece of what is happening in people’s heads, how did you implement this policy in this local authority? And how did you make it work here? It is about taking that research piece into applied research and helping to solve problems on the ground.”

Paula also took the opportunity to outline her next steps in the role and called on local authorities and the wider sector to reach out to her.

“I’m not here to replicate what is already happening,” she remarked. “But what I am trying to do is also look at the authorities that are not here (at the event), what is it that they are doing or not doing, and how we can help them? We will continue to make the case for local roads.”

Paula can be contacted at: [email protected]