17 June 2021 | Innovation | Collaboration | Net Zero

Liverpool John Moores University calls for supply chain engagement on R&D projects

Professor Hassan Al Nageim BSc (Hons.), MSc, PhD, CEng, FCIHT, FInstNDT, FHEA of Liverpool John Moores University is calling upon supply chain member organisations to engage with the University to undertake research and development (R&D) projects.

Key areas of interest are outlined below:

Creating novel and new secondary cementitious materials from upgraded fly and bottom ash generated from;

• incinerated waste slurry water sludge generated from water treatments plants.
• Incinerated paper sludge waste
• Other waste ashes from industrial and or agricultural sources

The new cementitious materials developed at LJMU are zero CO2 emission and with compression strength range from 10 MPa to 30 MPa, MPa = 1 N/mm2) and durability and H&S properties similar to ordinary Portland Concrete.

Below are some examples of their uses;

o Normal weight concrete bricks – both normal weight and light weight concrete brick. Solid and, or with voids, specification same or better than the conventional bricks in the markets
o Concrete blocks, concrete kerbstones, concrete flooring flags, concrete for floors and slabs in civil engineering constructions and more
o Cementitious materials for use in soil stabilisation and or hydraulically bound road base materials and or foundations for roads, highways and airports

The above waste normally given free or with negative cost and can generate outstanding wealth creations.

Professor Al Nageim said: “I wish to be engaged with an industrial partner/s in a KTP and or other available funding programs to;

1. Locate the sources and amount annually available of incinerated fly and bottom from water treatment sludge in the UK and European countries .
2. Create at LJMU laboratory cementations materials with no CO2 emission
3. Entre into an advanced case study by trying the materials in trials in real environmental applications.”

For further information and to get involved, please contact [email protected].