3 August 2023 | Collaboration | Our Work

LCRIG welcomes Aimsun Limited as an Associate Member

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) is delighted to welcome Aimsun Limited as an Associate Member.

Aimsun Limited provide digital mobility solutions for transportation authorities, highway agencies, public transit operators and consultancies.

Gavin Bailey, Regional Head of Business Development at Aimsun said: “Many of the negative consequences of the transport sector currently faced by local authorities are often the result of network scale problems. This makes addressing some of the biggest issues for the sector such as carbon emissions and air quality at the local level even harder, and in some cases impracticable.

“LCRIG’s unique position which connects local government with central government is a key enabler for meaningful change towards sustainable mobility and transport systems. This is something which we at Aimsun strive for in our work with our clients, connecting multiple stakeholders to deliver value. It is often the large-scale more collaborative solutions which cross geographical boundaries and organisational departments which have the potential to deliver the greatest change. Our mutual interest in finding and implementing innovative and collaborative solutions to deliver impactful change is why we see being part of LCRIG to be so important.”


LCRIG provides Members with a unique platform to engage with councils, the DfT and the wider highways community.

By joining LCRIG you will connect with a community of like-minded councils, organisations and individuals, all of whom are driving change through innovation and technological advances across the local roads network.

Members also receive discounted rates on LCRIG events.

LCRIG has four membership types:

Local highway authorities and ‘Teckal’ organisations.

Organisations providing products or services to the highways sector.

Government and professional bodies, associations, working/research groups.

Universities and academic research organisations.

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), accredited to ISO44001, the international standard for collaboration, LCRIG’s purpose is to ‘give back to the community’ and we are not for profit.

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