13 January 2022 | Our Work

LCRIG welcomed two new members this week

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) welcomed two new members this week.

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (UK) Ltd joined LCRIG as an Associate member.

Ian Prescott, Managing Director of HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (UK) Ltd commented: “HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions is a leading European highways operator and network manager with a unique skill set that is able to meet the changing needs of the UK O&M market by designing operational delivery models that reflect the challenges presented by climate change and social value whilst driving new innovative solutions that keep pace with technological advancements in the highways sector.

“Our objective in joining LCRIG is to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the issues faced by local government highways and to share our European experience with peers and clients through this collaborative platform.”

Oldham Council (Unity Partnership) is the latest Council Member to join LCRIG.

John Lamb, Director of Environment at Oldham Council commented: “The need to continuously drive innovation into highways maintenance underpins why Oldham has joined LCRIG. New and better solutions to highways maintenance are at the heart of ensuring best value to our communities. As a City Region with a five year settlement for highways maintenance, it is through LCRIG that Oldham can demonstrate to the Department for Transport that we are stretching every pound to delivering local impact.

“Collaboration with other councils on practical solutions to shared maintenance problems is made easier with LCRIG. Access to research and innovation in materials and applications, such as Blackpool’s Project Amber, will help our Asset Management Plan and forthcoming investment programme. Alongside access to wider supply chains, through the RAMS Framework, we are delighted to join the LCRIG family.”

If you are interested in joining LCRIG and would like further information on the benefits of becoming a member, please contact us today.