25 November 2021 | Collaboration | Our Work

LCRIG welcomed two new members this week

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) welcomed two new members this week, the Isle of Man Government and Coventry City Council.

The organisations will now benefit from a range of services provided free of charge to our council members.

Tim Cowin, Head of Highways and Asset Management at Department of Infrastructure, Isle of Man Government, Highways Division commented:

“We are enthusiastic at the opportunity LCRIG can bring to the Isle of Man Government Highways Division.

“We were introduced to LCRIG by Essency Consulting, to provide access to a shared resources highway services working group. The benefits of sharing knowledge and experience enable Highway Services here on the Isle of Man to improve our service delivery and benchmark our performance.

“Being part of LCRIG will enable knowledge sharing to take place and in the process enable members of the Highway Services team to develop relationships in the United Kingdom that will improve service delivery. Access to potential UK supply chain, surveying, lining, surface treatments, sample testing and more.

As a member of LCRIG, Isle of Man Government offers the potential opportunity to work and deliver services within the Isle of Man and create an apprentice scheme that provides trainees access to tangible hands-on training between partners in the Isle of Man and the UK.”

Sunil Budhdeo, Transport Innovation Manager, Transport and Infrastructure Place Directorate at Coventry City Council commented:

“Coventry City Council is at the forefront of innovation in all the services provided to its 325,949 residents and businesses, attracting inward ward investments and creating jobs. Improving its transport network to improve air quality, reduce congestion and meet our Net Zero targets.

“By joining LCRIG, Coventry City Council will be able to share its knowledge and experience with other authorities and in return we hope to gain additional support in our future development from other members of the organisation.”

If you are interested in joining LCRIG, please contact us here.