27 July 2021 | Collaboration

LCRIG welcomed a trio of new members this week

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) welcomed a trio of new members this week.

Rediweld Traffic Products are a market leader in the supply and sale of Traffic Products to public and private clients with Traffic Calming and Site Safety Products.

Jeanette Holder, General Manager at Rediweld Traffic Products commented:  “As a leading UK manufacturer with 30 years of experience and knowledge we have been able to offer an extensive range of Traffic Calming, Cycle Separation and Site Safety Products, which has been the result of extensive research and development. With the encouragement of cycling and walking, low traffic neighbourhoods and various Active Travel schemes our Innovative rubber products have been able to offer various solutions, such as seating areas, road closures, children’s play areas and the light segregation products for cycle lanes which have already proved to be successful on many locations throughout the UK.

“The Traffic Calming and Site safety products are able to suit most locations due to the various widths and lengths available and all within manual handling so no lifting gear to make installation quick and easy. The appearance and aesthetics of our products are important to our customers, this is enhanced by the way we manufacture our products by moulds that give a soft, organic surface finish and with our granite options these are most suited to sensitive or heritage locations.”    

Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd (RMS), based in Dublin, Ireland, have researched and developed machine vision technologies to address the maintenance and safety needs of road infrastructure agencies and airport airside stakeholders.

Joe Turley, CEO at Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd commented:

“Reflective Measurement Systems Ltd is delighted to have joined LCRIG and impressed by the organisations leading role in facilitating collaboration and innovation in the highways sector. It is the ideal forum to introduce our advanced RetroTek mobile full lane retro-reflectivity measurement system to the market.  We look forward to supporting the UK highways sector in ensuring the day & night visibility quality of road marking lines and marking symbols for improved safety and to future proof the road network for the growing use of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems), such as LKA (Lane Keep Assist), LDW (Lane Departure Warning) and autonomous driving.”

Galliford Try is one of the UK’s leading construction groups, working to improve the UK’s built environment.

Sairah Hussain, Customer & Corporate Social Responsibility Lead at Galliford Try commented:

“LCRIG is unlike any other membership. Here we see a group of people that have come together to genuinely tackle the challenges of today & the future. It is an honour to become members, and we want to help support the journey our industry is on; to become true collaborators at every level, significantly reduce our carbon & environmental impact whilst driving innovation to reform how we operate. Thoroughly looking forward to getting involved and sharing our knowledge.” 


LCRIG membership is free for all council, partner (associations and council groups), key organisation, academia and affiliate members.

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