8 November 2021 | Environment | Our Work

LCRIG to take part in ILP event

The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) is hosting a ‘Light Back Better’ event in London this Thursday (11 November).

The ILP’s ‘Light Back Better’ mantra encourages innovation in the pursuit and support of sustainable lighting.

On the same day COP26 looks at Cities, Regions and The Built Environment, the ILP will discuss the role of lighting.

Speakers, including LCRIG Content Director Alec Peachey, will cover:

  • Circular economy
  • Carbon literacy
  • Reuse and recycling
  • What will it take to align the lighting and infrastructure industry on achieving net zero?

Fiona Horgan, ILP President, said: “We agree with the well-reported phrase ‘It is irritating when they talk but don’t do’. Join us to discover how we can collaborate, cut through the greenwash, and make a genuine impact. We aim for participants at this event to take away at least four things they have learnt and four actions they are now able to take, to make a tangible, positive change.”

Nathan French, ILP London Chair, added: “London may not seem the obvious destination for a COP26 related event – but with our speakers and in-person audience all being located in the area, we decided to stay local at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, a sustainable venue, and make the event available online. The lighting industry has much to do when it comes to sustainability and we think this event will be an important step forward in developing sustainable strategies. After the CPD talks, we have time for networking with food and drinks included, and the London LDC team are truly looking forward to catching up with industry friends and meeting new faces and discussing what further actions we will need to start to take.”

Further information on the speakers is available below:


Our Vision for the built environment

Melissa Zanocco, Head of Programmes, Infrastructure Client Group ICG

With contributions from over 75 industry leaders and endorsed by more than 35 cross industry bodies spanning the UK built environment sector, ‘Our Vision for the Built Environment’ describes the future we want: a built environment whose explicit purpose is to enable people and nature to flourish together for generations. Melissa Zanocco will invite the lighting sector to explore what the Vision means for it and how we can work together to make it a reality.


Local Council Roads Innovation Group: Reaching Net Zero together

Alec Peachey, Content Director, Local Council Roads Innovation Group

Alec will introduce an overview of LCRIG and its aim to deliver practical solutions to help councils achieve net zero. Stressing the importance of removing silos both in the public and private sector, Alec will show how the lighting sector can team up with others. He will reveal the creation of a net zero working group which ILP members can get involved with.

Creating a Circular Economy in the Lighting Industry – A Prologue

Kristina Allison, Lighting Designer, Atkins Global

The drive towards delivering a Net Zero economy is ramping up and now more than ever we need to take action in all aspects of our daily lives to reach this goal. But as lighting designers, how can we make this change when essentially specifying energy using products is what we do. So where do we start when embarking on this journey and importantly how can we limit our impact on the environment when delivering lighting projects?

Kristina will present SLL’s TM66 – ‘Creating a Circular Economy in the Lighting Industry’ with an accompanying metric – Circular Economy Assessment Method (CEAM). This will help everyone on their journey in creating a circular economy in the lighting industry.

Reuse of lighting equipment: a necessary response to the climate emergency

Nigel Harvey, Chief Executive, Recolight

The scale of the challenge of the climate crisis facing us can be overwhelming. Nigel Harvey will address some of the practical, bite-size actions that designers, manufacturers, contractors, and users in the lighting sector can all make to respond to the crisis. He will focus on how we can all in lighting can help to drive the circular economy strategies that are so essential to reducing our collective carbon footprint. He will also give some insights on why he has been willing to be arrested during Extinction Rebellion protests.


For further information or to register for the event visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ilp-sustainability-cpd-afternoon-tickets-187130762147