LCRIG to host webinar on sustainability in the roads sector

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) is hosting the second in a series of webinars designed to facilitate fresh thinking in the industry, with a focus on achieving sustainability in the roads sector. 

Speakers from the Department for Transport (DfT), Crown Commercial Service (CCS), Shropshire Council and Hanson will shine a light on this important subject area at an event taking place on 3 December at 11am.   

Accelerating the transition to clean energy and sustainable roads is going to be challenging and gaining an understanding of where the challenges lie will be key.    

The roads sector is under increasing pressure to adapt to improving environmental standards and expectations of government and society; including bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.  

There are several steps that need to be taken in order to achieve this goal, but of critical importance is understanding the vital role that local authorities play and in particular their highway departments.   

Whether, urban, suburban or rural, councils are now focused on climate and clean energy policy.   

The webinar will examine a number of topics including: 

  • Production techniques and materials  
  • Alternative delivery mechanisms  
  • The decarbonisation of transport  
  • The climate change challenge  
  • Greener construction and maintenance techniques
  • The societal value of achieving sustainability in the sector 

The panel is made up of the following participants: Matthew Eglington, Highways Maintenance and Innovation Policy Manager, Local Infrastructure, Department for Transport; Steve Smith, Assistant Director of Infrastructure at Shropshire Council; Andrea Fitzgerald, Regional Head Business Management London & South East, Crown Commercial Service; Adrian Hadley, Head of Technical Aggregates and Asphalt, Hanson.  

The roads sector produces a high level of greenhouse gas, directly, through fossil energy used in construction, transportation, paving works, and indirectly through the emissions coming from vehicles.  

An increase in the number of vehicles on the roads – and subsequently an increase in traffic – generates a substantial rise in pollution and noise disturbances. Added to this is the challenge of climate change and the impact that changing weather is having on local roads.   

The event is being chaired by LCRIG Content Director Alec Peachey who said: “After the success of our first webinar we’re delighted to have secured such a strong panel of speakers to talk about the challenges around achieving sustainability in the roads sector. Having speakers from central and local government along with a private sector view means that a wide range of opinions will be represented at the event. 

There is mitigation in place to combat some of the challenges facing the sector including sustainable construction techniques, the rapid shift to decarbonised transport, better operational planning and the use of sustainable materials. The discussion will challenge the government, local authorities, supply chain and other key players to step up and make the transition to clean energy and sustainable roads a reality. We hope that our members and the wider sector will take the opportunity to hear what the panel have to say and put their questions to them.”   

You can register for the event here. 

LCRIG’s first webinar, entitled Delivering innovation through collaborative procurement’, took place in October and is available to watch on demand here