10 February 2022 | Collaboration | Our Work

LCRIG to host Project Amber workshop

On the 31st March 2022, the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) will host the inaugural Project Amber Collaboration Workshop at the Grand Hotel, Blackpool.

The aim of the event is to bring together local councils from across the LCRIG community, surfacing and civils contractors involved and looking to be involved in the Project Amber Framework, as well as a range of other key stakeholders for a day of sharing experiences to-date and exploring opportunities to improve and broaden collaboration across the sector.

LCRIG President Will Britain said: “This workshop will provide a unique opportunity to bring together a range of different stakeholders from the highways sector. Since its inception Project Amber has made a significant impact and brought about many benefits across several different areas. It is time to further spread the word about how use of the framework adds value. Through LCRIG we continue to make the case of for local roads with Project Amber just one example of how we do this. I’d encourage everyone to attend this important event.”

LCRIG now wants other councils to share our experiences to-date over the last 12+ months with Project Amber scheme delivery, and how we’ve seen measurable benefits across several key aspects including:

  • Reduction in carbon and the resultant lesser impact on climate change, through early intervention with lower-cost treatments,
  • Doing much more for less by extending asset residual life with reducing capital and revenue budgets,
  • Driving innovative treatments and delivery methodologies for local councils,
  • Increasing collaboration across the sector with benefits for all,
  • And minimal impact on the socio-economic values through faster, less laborious surfacing treatments.

Results to date continue to be validated through the project’s rigorous inspection and testing regime (introduced in February 2022) with benefits captured and reported through the Project Amber Dashboard.

The Project Amber Framework has been established to remove the procurement barrier to minimise effort for individual councils, with the required flexibility to tailor and suit specific needs.

In deciding to arrange this workshop, the LCRIG Board saw numerous potential benefits for ALL attendees building on those aspects from above and also in a wider sense to:

  • Practical application of SMART Asset Management – the Right Place, at the Right Time, with the Right Treatment
  • Upskilling your own people – enabling them to make better informed decisions about the very latest new innovative optimum treatments available through a collaborative framework
  • Optimise the benefits from this collaborative framework, and in doing so, fulfil your LCRIG membership obligations to embed and spread innovative working, thereby strengthening our vital sector.

This workshop is designed to build on established good practice, share and collaborate more widely, particularly with local council asset managers, directors and procurement officers.

For more information or to register your interest in attending the event please contact LCRIG Secretariat Susanne Ingham on [email protected]

For further information on Project Amber visit the Project Amber website.