3 August 2023 | Collaboration | Our Work

LCRIG publishes IPS How to Guide

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) has published a step by step guide to support members in accessing the Innovation Procurement System (IPS).

Launched at the Innovation Festival earlier this month, the IPS has been developed by LCRIG in partnership with Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and with the support of the Department for Transport. The IPS was established with the aim of increasing the pace of change and to remove the hurdles in accessing innovation in the sector by creating a dynamic route for LCRIG Members to access the market and engage with innovators nationally.

The user friendly guide has been developed as an aid to support supply chain organisations in joining the CCS operated SPARK DPS for the first category, Road Surface Solutions.

Designed to guide suppliers smoothly through the registration process, the aid will also help suppliers to understand a good method statement and how to show compliance in line with the SPARK DPS.

LCRIG believes the IPS will ease the route to market for suppliers, speed up procurement, and deliver best value, innovative solutions to the taxpayer to maintain our critical highway infrastructure.

LCRIG Members can access the step by step guide in the Members Area of the LCRIG website here.

If you require your login details resetting, please contact us.

LCRIG additional support available

LCRIG is also offering members additional support for the qualitative elements of the submission. For further information, please contact us. Please note, there is a small fee for this service.

To find out more about the IPS and register your interest, please visit the LCRIG IPS webpage here.

LCRIG Webinar – IPS – Your Questions Answered

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) is inviting supply chain organisations to take part in our upcoming Q&A webinar, to share the next steps of the Innovation Procurement System (IPS) and to inform suppliers on how to join it.

The webinar will take place on 08 August at 11am and will be hosted on the LCRIG webinar platform.

The following topic areas will be covered:

  • What are the LCRIG IPS scope and categories?
  • What is the IPS category roadmap and which categories should launch next?
  • How to join the IPS for the Road Surface Innovation Category?
  • How to engage Councils to use the IPS as a cost-effective and timely route to market?

Find out more and register for the webinar here.