13th January 2021 | Collaboration

LCRIG President issues call to action

The President of the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) wants council members to take on key roles and act as advocates for the organisation. 

LCRIG is aiming to be in a position to have a network of advocates that can help drive change in the sector.  

President Will Britain said: “It is time to raise LCRIG to the next level. I’d like to encourage all our council members to make the contribution they can. We are particularly keen to provide a platform for any member at any level to become more active and become an advocate for any theme in the community.   

“We definitely want to hand the future of your organisation over to you at local councils as this was built especially for you all and we are in this together.”  

The local council officers that make up all authorities often have a vast pool of knowledge and skills and Will Britain would like to see this fully utilised.  

He added: “These officers are well placed to answer questions, understand a complicated issue or develop some innovative method which can solve a problem. 

“If we can mould and harness all of this expertise to help each other then this would make everybody’s life easier. I’d like to push LCRIG forward to strengthen our position as the ‘go to’ organisation for innovation within the sector. It may be something as simple as writing a short article or expressing an opinion or even chairing a focus group, or you could take on a more active role in representing LCRIG at both a regional and national level, because to reiterate YOU are all LCRIG. There are so many ways you can contribute – just ask and we look forward to hearing from you.” 

Once advocates have been identified and put in place LCRIG will include them as part of an organisational structure that will allow us to process queries efficiently and effectively.   

For further information or to express an interest in becoming an advocate please contact Secretariat & Executive Officer Susanne Ingham at susanne.ingham@lcrig.org.uk