27 September 2023 | Innovation | Our Work

LCRIG IPS webinar: Leverage the IPS to access innovation!

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) is inviting Council Members to take part in our upcoming Q&A webinar and learn how to leverage the LCRIG Innovation Procurement System (IPS).

The IPS was established in conjunction with Crown Commercial Service, to enable local authorities to access innovative products and services to improve the whole lifecycle cost of your assets. Further detail on the LCRIG IPS can be found by visiting the LCRIG website here.

Martin Duffy, Kerry Winstanley and Jason Sprague, the LCRIG IPS Team, will share details about the inaugural category, Road Surface Innovation, and future innovation categories. Andy Wilde, Interim Assistant Director of Highways and Transport, will explain his use of the IPS to support Shropshire’s journey of deploying innovation and improving their client role in directing asset quality.

The webinar will share the benefits of using the IPS for Council Members and how the IPS can be used alongside a term maintenance contractor or to enhance a self-delivery model. The IPS has been designed to support all Council highway delivery models.

Martin, Kerry, Jason and Andy will discuss:

1. What is the IPS and setting out its purpose for our sector?
2. How the IPS helps solve the challenge of best-value innovation procurement.
3. Thoughts on the Client’s responsibilities to achieve new efficiencies enabled by innovation.
4. The high-level processes to use the IPS and alignment with best practice procurement.
5. Managing risk and considerations of the Client team in achieving innovation-enabled outcomes.
6. A short case study of the IPS’s deployment by Shropshire Council.
7. A scan of the future categories which will soon be available for Councils to access.

Submit your questions

Questions for Martin, Kerry and Jason are welcome ahead of the webinar about the specifics of utilising the IPS.

Please submit questions to [email protected] by 9th of October.

Additionally, attendees are welcome to ask questions during the webinar and also register interest in signing up to the IPS through the LCRIG website here


Martin Duffy is the chair of LCRIG as well as chair of NY Highways and Director of DMsqd. He has over 40 years of experience in designing, delivering and operating highways services. Martin is credited with having the vision for the IPS and involving Crown Commercial Service to achieve it.

Kerry Winstanley is the Finance & Operations Director of LCRIG, having extensive experience and sectoral knowledge. She works with Council Members and industry organisations to understand their innovation capabilities.

Jason Sprague is the Principal of Sprague & Co, a company specialising in transformation delivery and innovation strategy. He has been an architect of the IPS and has supported clients with the delivery of their transformation achieving lower costs and improved outcomes.

Andy Wilde is the Interim Assistant Director of Highways and Transport at Shropshire Council. Andy’s team has used the LCRIG IPS to achieve flexibility and value for money in deploying surfacing innovation at scale. He has over 20 years of highways asset experience and leadership positions focused on asset maintenance and capital delivery.


This webinar is open to Council Members. Highways Managers and Procurement Leaders are encouraged to attend.

The webinar will take place on 11 October at 11am and will be hosted on the LCRIG webinar platform.

To sign up for the webinar, please register or sign in to the LCRIG webinar platform here and add the upcoming session entitled ‘LCRIG IPS webinar: Leverage the IPS to access innovation!’ to My Webinars.

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