18 May 2023 | Innovation

LCRIG Innovation Procurement System reaches trial phase

The LCRIG Innovation Procurement System (IPS) has now reached an important stage in its development and has entered a limited trial period to enable the back office functionality to be tested in a live environment.

The LCRIG IPS will support innovation by providing local authorities with the ability to access innovative products and materials in a cost effective and flexible way.

Supporting the trial phase, Shropshire Council is seeking two suitable contractors to undertake ‘Highways Surface Treatment and Repair’ to include surface defect repair as a service across carriageways, cycleways, and public rights of way and footways’.

The Prior Information Notice (PIN) states the following: “The contractor(s) are expected to deliver social value with local employment and carbon reduction with the ability to monitor, record and report and use innovative techniques to deal with the defects. Demonstration of processes or materials which expedite and/or extend asset lifecycle via a capital repair is desirable. The specification of works is in accordance with best practice for road maintenance resulting in a cost-effective capital repair. A key requirement is innovations must be deployed without the need for permits as they have minimal impact on traffic and will use only appropriate and time-sensitive traffic management for each road type upon which it is deployed. This is likely to be of interest to SMEs who have a directly employed workforce as it will form a key deliverable for the Shropshire Plan which aims to create a robust and resilient local economy.”

The PIN is available to view here.

Look out for more information in the coming weeks around the launch of the LCRIG IPS.