20 April 2023 | Innovation | Our Work

Latest Innovation Festival award sponsor announced

This week, Eurovia Infrastructure Limited became the latest company to sponsor an award at this year’s event – aligning themselves with the ‘Transport Technology’ category.

Paul Goosey, Managing Director at Eurovia said: “Eurovia is delighted to support the Transport Technology award because it reflects our own commitment to innovation in the highways sector. Encouraging, developing and implementing new ideas in our sector is critical to how we decarbonise what is a challenging operational environment – for example using data to link activities between off site manufacture and application on site. We are looking forward to collaborating further with LCRIG and support their members at this year’s Innovation Festival to accelerate the change demanded by our stakeholders.

The Innovation Festival is a great advertisement for the sector. The industry’s working environment is challenging, so accuracy and speed of collecting site information is ever more critical. At Eurovia, we are committed to the development of real-time data transfer, we take a self-delivery approach to the digitalisation of our work. We chose to invest in a mobile platform, allowing us to build on the expertise of our own people and that also ensures that our end users become an integral part of the development cycle. Looking forward we are looking to adopt new platforms, to enable larger and faster datasets, and further develop the solutions to optimise delivery of our core activities, always striving for continuous technological development.

We look forward to seeing further innovation within transport technology and are thrilled to support the Transport Technology category. The future is about data, but we have to keep our own people at the centre of any solution. That balance is what we are looking forward to celebrating as part of the LCRIG Innovation Festival.”

LCRIG Innovation Festival

The Innovation Festival is an event where products, solutions, new innovations and techniques can be displayed and demonstrated over a range of live demonstration sessions. The event provides local authorities with a chance to find out about new innovations from the supply chain that will help to meet their current and future challenges.

One of the main elements that sets the Innovation Festival apart from other industry events is the fact that qualifying innovators are given the chance to receive funding towards development, secure trials with local authorities or receive market entry consultancy support. A portion of all exhibition space and sponsor sales at the event are put into the LCRIG / Steve Berry Innovation Fund. In addition, public sector places are fully funded.

Local authorities are invited to score innovations across several different categories. This year’s categories are as follows: Fleet and equipment; Bridges and other structures; Climate resilience; Transport Technology; Surfacing; Biodiversity; Traffic Signs and Lines, Street Lighting and Collaborative Innovation.

The overarching theme for this year’s event is ‘Showcasing emerging technology and maintenance solutions’ with the Festival taking place from 4-5 July at Newark Showground.


Other award sponsors announced to date include:

     JCB – ‘Climate Resilience’ award category


Highway Resource Solutions (HRS) – ‘Traffic Signs and Lines’ award category




Kiely Group – ‘Bridges and other Structures’ award category



WJ Group – ‘Biodiversity’ award category


Multevo will act as Promotional Partner for the event with Stabilised Pavements Ltd confirmed as Networking Partner.

There are still opportunities to align your company as an award sponsor. Further details are available here.

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This year’s event will be bigger and better, with more demonstrations taking place highlighting things such as in vehicle technology which can deliver more efficient transport networks and showcase services such as GLOSA (Green Light Optimum Speed Advisory), in-vehicle signing and probe data capture.

LCRIG is inviting its members and the wider supply chain to get in touch to discuss initial ideas around potential demonstrations, or to register their interest in taking part in the festival.

Industry expert Lee Merces will be putting together an outdoor demonstration programme with Andy Graham providing technical support.

Anyone interested in putting ideas forward for potential demonstrations should contact Charlotte Bromley in the first instance via email at [email protected]

View the highlights from last year’s inaugural Innovation Festival here.