22 June 2021 | Innovation | Net Zero | BY: KaarbonTech

KaarbonTech growth shows no sign of slowing

KaarbonTech Asset Management has continued the expansion of its business, signing up Telford, Runnymede, Sandwell, Sunderland and Cambridgeshire councils, to deliver drainage management services on long term contracts.

Good news spreads fast, and these local authorities had seen the benefits of KaarbonTech’s systems demonstrated in other counties. This, coupled with a realisation that the systems they had in place could not deliver the operational efficiency they needed, led them to call in the experts to undertake a risk-based approach to drainage management.

KaarbonTech is leading the marketplace in asset management, with their GullySMART system the widest-used platform. Used by more than 35% of all local authorities, GullySMART combines geographic data with usage, history, condition and defect data to model the unique network requirements more accurately than any other system. Displaying live risk levels against historical ones, improvement or decline can be seen instantly. This allows adjusted cleansing regimes, based on risk, reducing resource, time and money.

Taking on these new clients allows KaarbonTech to increase their knowledge of the national network, strengthening their offering to existing and potential clients.

Leigh Harris, Territory and Key Account Manager said: “We are delighted to welcome these new local authorities to our KaarbonTech family of clients. Our bespoke service ensures that each area receives a solution unique to them, as well as allowing us to widen our view of the national drainage network with the data we collect.

“We learn so much through big data and have already identified some interesting patterns that authorities couldn’t spot on their own. Looking at millions of assets, rather than just one network, enables us to shape the software and reporting, depending on asset type, strengthening our offering to all.”


KaarbonTech has seen some impressive results from current clients, with 86% of customers shifting to a proactive cleaning regime within two years.  North Tyneside has seen gully crew productivity increase by 55%, Southampton has reduced their old flood-risk gully list from 1,400 to 250 and Walsall has seen a reduction of 85% for emergency call outs.  

These new clients stand to take advantage of significant benefits, and Jo Saunders, Engineer for Highways Services at Sandwell Council said: “Dealing with KaarbonTech has been effortless – they really do know the market, are very knowledgeable and have been supportive in getting the contract and system up and running.

“Our current asset data is outdated and unreliable. It uses paper forms completed by crew members, which are then scanned and emailed to Highways, which not only is time consuming but often lacking in enough detail to enable easy identification. The GullySMART system will allow much easier data transfer direct from the crew, saving them time identifying problem assets and vice versa when sending work requests to the crew. The system will also enable us to monitor the performance of the cleansing contract.

“The KaarbonTech GullySMART system will provide us with better knowledge of the existing network and better communication with partners. As such the aim is to reduce the risk of surface water flooding across the network and collect data to better target resources to achieve this.

“The effective management of surface water on our road network is essential for safe use by both vehicles and pedestrians. Road users and the wider community place a high value on keeping traffic moving safely free of surface water.  The collection of data on how the highway drainage system is cleansed and maintained will inform a more targeted and cost-effective regime, as well as contribute valuable knowledge into our role as Lead Local Flood Authority.”

If you’d like more information about GullySMART, or KaarbonTech’s other SMART technology, please visit www.kaarbontech.co.uk.