18 August 2021 | Innovation

Introducing the NCLD Lite from Rosehill Highways

Rosehill Highways have announced the latest addition to their Narrow Cycle Lane Defender range of cycle lane segregation products – the NCLD Lite.

The new one-metre unit retains the same width and height as other units in the range, offering unrivalled protection, but is half the length and less than half the weight at just 24kg, meaning it can be positioned and installed by a single operative.

Designed and manufactured in the UK from recycled car tyres, each unit is fitted with an M24 anchor thread and retroreflective glass eye as standard.

Rosehill Highways is a leading UK manufacturer of substantial surface-mounted rubber products which offer excellent stability and impact absorption. Their innovative solutions have been used to create protected cycle lanes around the world – helping to keep cyclists safe while encouraging active travel.

Developed in response to concerns from the cycling community about the inadequate size and effectiveness of other products on the market, Rosehill Highways’ Narrow Cycle Lane Defenders offer robust physical protection which reduces the likelihood of vehicle ingress while increasing the confidence of cyclists using the lane.

The NCLD Lite is available now.

Full details: www.rosehillhighways.com